Youngs American IPA – Beer Kit Review

Youngs American IPA – Beer Kit Review

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From brewing to tasting, this is what I thought of the Youngs American IPA Kit.
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  1. I've literally just got my brewing kit in the past couple of days and I chose this as my first kit. I kept on reading lots of conflicting information so watching you follow the instructions and get a good result was just what I needed. Like the way you present too, might go ahead and watch some more of your videos to get some ideas. Keep up the good work!

  2. I've just done a 'Bulldog' Yorkshire Bitter kit. (Let's hope it tastes better than Sam Smith's pish!) but I'll give that Young's AIPA a go very soon!

  3. Thanks for the video Ben. I just got this as my first kit as I'm an IPA fan. Looking forward to trying this out. Your vid has been a great help.

  4. I work in a homebrew centre and this is by far the biggest seller. I have made it 4 times now for work purposes and it is fantastic. Really potent. The aroma, the taste, is just awesome for a kit. I all grain brew, but I swear this is a phenomenally good kit, but so are the Festival range the Razorback IPA is actually even better. But that's my opinion.

  5. Hi Ben. I hope you can help! I've made this kit twice now. The first time I made a mess of it. The yeast hadn't got going after 5 days, so I added just a normal ale yeast & this did get going but not for very long. I did end up with a drinkable beer, but there was hardly any hop flavour or aroma to it and it had an off flavour as well. After what you and so many others had said about this kit I found this hard to believe ( I dry hopped 2 days before bottling). Even though I'd made a mess of fermentation, I'd expected to get something from dry hopping 🙁
    So not to be defeated I decided to do this kit again. This time the fermentation got going within hours and keep going for about 3 weeks, it dropped to about 1.007 which is about right. I was very happy. Again I dry hopped for 2 days before bottling even adding an extra 100g of centennial just to give me that hop hit I crave. After 2 weeks indoors and then transferred to a cooler place, then fridge, I had high hopes. But it's still not that hoppy, still with that same off flavour. This off flavour has been present only in IPA kits including the Bulldog Evil Dog double IPA. So I don't believe it's a sanitation issue, I've tried bottled as well as tap water. Maybe it's a temperature control problem? Sorry to bang on for so long. But I'm a very disillusioned home brewer. Even if I tried all grain, without tempreture control I might still get the same off flavours. Any ideas?

  6. Hi Ben. Great channel. I bought the American IPA as my first kit. Has been fermenting 14 days and still getting quite a bit of airlock action. The instructions say to make the hop addition only two days before siphoning the beer. Does it matter if the hops sit in the primary stage brew for longer, say a week?

  7. James Merchant

    Great stuff Ben, I was planning on picking this kit up as I'm new to brewing and keen to get going on my first IPA. Have you tried their APA kit too by any chance? I'm weighing up between the two. Cheers.

  8. Robert Mcdowell

    Could this be brewed without adding the hops ty

  9. vinvent knight

    thanks ben good video think i will try that one next week when i do my FIRST brew. just want to ask something ben what do you think of Newcastle brown ale bottles for home brew ?

  10. Hi – was there none of the BB "taste" in this IPA Ben?

  11. Krakatoa Jackson

    Good video,really helpful for me. I've used this for my first effort into home brewing (kit with the barrel). Had it fermenting between 20-24 deg for 6 days. Haven't seen any bubbling in the airlock for the past couple of days. I'm going to check the SG to see if it's time for the hops. Seems a bit early by going by the instructions but guess it's down to the temp. Will check out your other vids. Thanks.

  12. Storing around 16c, but was surprised as now fizz what's so ever and instead of the sugar I used coopers drops (seemed easeir) hope I haven't ruined it. Gutted or wont be ready for Xmas. 

  13. Hi Ben just opened a bottle of the ipa it's only be 4days but there is no carbonation at all. Is it too early to say or will it not carbonate? 

  14. On day 17 with reading of 1.005 (new hydrometer) so dry hoped about 20hrs ago was about to put into secoundry but seemed extremely cloudy. Is this normal and carry on ? Or cold crash it in secondry and maybe go down glatine route ? 

  15. Ben do you have FB page ? Somewhere to ask question and get advice? 

  16. Hi Ben just done a gravity reading for this kit. I'm 16 days in and is reading 1.003 is this to low ?? It started at 1.050. Have added the hops but still notice some play in the aitlock. 

  17. Hi Ben. I have put on the Youngs IPA. It says up to 15 days to ferment on the instructions…..can you remember how long it took yours to ferment out? I am fermenting at 22 deg C. Thanks!

  18. Looks great I want to do this kit next, when you bottled / siphoned off did you have any trouble with the hop pellets ( I haven't done dry hop before). I totally agree with you about the prices..Even spending a few extra quid on a better kit is worth it.. I might try the Saison after that

  19. Hi Ben, I've just done Oaked Rum Ale and with the pouch I rinsed it with warm water and got every last drop out! The brew came out at 6.5% tastes beautiful and will be ready for Christmas after conditioning. My next brew is the Bulldog doubleIPA. Fantastic videos btw. 

  20. hi ben thanks for the great videos, i have just purchased a brewing kit from flea bay and as your videos are the most informative on u tube, wondering if you could do a vid on pure basics ie. how to clean your kit, temps to brew and store and working out alcohol vol. cheers. 

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