- in Ginger Beer

What happens when you boil ginger ale down on a stove. Once you boil out the liquid contents you are left with the remaining chemicals and sugar content that make up most of the soda. This performed much better than the pepsi that we first tired. The brand we used was shweppes ginger ale.
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  1. you don't know anything about science lol. the coloring in dark sodas is caramel which is sugar anyway. the syrup turns black because of carbon created by it getting goo hot in the pan

  2. Drummer GirlGlamorous

    im drinking ginger ale as watching this am i just staring at my drink like really?

  3. Lol…she is funny! I think ginger ale is a part of all our lives!

  4. just bought a pack yesterday! happy to know!LOL

  5. stupid… (Ignorant)

  6. Kenyi Takegami

    I'll find my own comment silly, but I'm really happy about the outcome of the ginger ale ^-^ yay for not so unhealthy soda! 👏👏

  7. A 2 liter bottle of gingerale lasts me about 3 months. A 2 liter bottle of coke lasts me almost a year. Not saying i drink one more than the other, gingerale just tastes better.

  8. While I share your enthusiasm about the ginger ale, I don't think your method is a safe way to know whether it's good stuff. Anything that is in the ginger ale that has a lower boiling temperature might just have evaporated. Still a good informative video!

  9. All if the dark drinks have food coloring added. When you cook sugar in a pan it burns and will turn. That's how you make cartel icing, candy etc.

  10. but not Poland Well water..

  11. LOL I gotta just say I think it's funny you're wearing a Coke t shirt after the Pepsi Cola video ;)

  12. Dingis Maximus

    That's just high fructose corn syrup which is not healthy for you and is found in virtually all soft drinks. If you want real gingerale, make your own. Most gingerales don't even have real ginger in them and those that do are so processed the properties that aid in digestion are virtually nonexistent. To make gingerale just boil ginger for a few minutes and cool then add club soda and add white or brown sugar.

  13. Joshua Abramson

    you also shod not freeze your water just as a helpful tip :)

  14. Looks like corn syrup

  15. fast forward to 2:00

  16. some people are just too stupid

  17. The pepsi did that cause the sugar content, if you added ingredents to it you could'v made candy

  18. Also- Just found out that Google it-Pepsi and Coke contained a known Carcinogen all these years! . California just passed law making soda companies take out the toxic ingredient. While Coke totally took out this ingredient -Pepsi only made their CALIFORNIA Pepsi less toxic while the rest of country still has the toxic chemical in their Pepsi! 🙁 So- you may want to re-test using Coke, this time-and see what happens! : ) Also, maybe try with old school-REAL SUGAR, COKE, TOO! : ) Thx!

  19. Unfortunately- Unless they changed, Schwepps Ginger Ale- doesn't really contain any real Ginger believe it or not! I have complained on their Facebook page. When my dad was in hospital and needed REAL GINGER for nausea, they served Schwepps and it didn't work now I know why. Read ingredients.PLEASE USE CANADA DRY GINGER ALE, as the ingredients contain REAL GINGER, in case you are sick and really need help.You may want to re-try your experiment-using Canada Dry-as Schwepps is mainly justSUGAR!

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