Using Ginger Bug Starter to Make Ginger Beer / Lacto-fermen

Using Ginger Bug Starter to Make Ginger Beer / Lacto-fermen

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We have spent the last week making a “ginger bug” natural soda starter from scratch. Now we are going to use it to make a natural soda, Ginger Beer.
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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the video.I just stated a bug from dandelion root,it has a good fizz sound.When you said lots of bubbles,do you refer to the bubbles after being stirred?Mine has a small ring on the border of the jar before I shake it,and much more after I shake.I just want to be sure it's finished.Thanks,Mike

  2. Michele Parisio

    Hi Sarah, My bug is ready after four days and smells delicious. I actually added some ginger kombucha to it (shop bought) hoping I might get a mother :). Tomorrow I make my gingerade 🙂  Your video was gréât, short and to thé point. Thank you! Mxx (France)

  3. Sarah Cuthill

    Vibe: I have, but I didn't much like the taste.

  4. have you had beet kvass yet? delicious! and it is a tonic as well.

  5. What is it supposed to smell like?  The first batch I made was ruined by fruit flies, (I use thin cotton cloth now instead of cheese cloth.)  Anyhoo, that batch had a very fermenty like smell to it.  I dont think that batch ever activated, no bubbles.  I just made another batch that seems to have activated but it smells stinky rotten.  Is it bad or is it supposed to smell like that?

  6. Sarah Cuthill

    More on maintaining and using the ginger bug on my website. Look in the DIY projects section. Link in the description above. :)

  7. My culture was ready, Last night I accidently knocked it on the floor, I was bare foot. I had a mess.  Need to start my culture over again. :(

  8. What is the name of the website you referenced that has the recipe?

  9. Ginger beer have more tast

  10. Ginger beer have more tast

  11. Sarah Cuthill

    Bulldozer: I actually live in California, USA.

  12. Have you ever tried using burdock root.
    You must be living in Australia, the cost of rapadura is out of sight.

  13. Originally, many yrs ago, it was called Ginger Beer. Once it went into mass production, they renamed it Ginger Ale and filtered it completely.

  14. Sarah Cuthill

    Bull: I don't know actually. I suppose you could try it and then use a hydrometer to measure the alcohol level.

  15. If after three days, if you add 1/2 tsp of potassium sorbate per gallon. Will that stop the fermentation process so that it will not turn into an alcoholic beverage

  16. Shane Cleveland

    Cool video, but I might research on your claims of being healthy. Its still sugar water in the end, and even if the sugar is reduced, the calories are still there in the form of alcohol which still contributes to health problems like diabetes. It might be slightly better then soda, but only slightly. Still tasty as hell though.

  17. I just watched Alton Brown talk all about ginger. In his vid, some text come up that says "Traditionally ginger beers are cloudy, while ginger ales are clear." @18:17 in his vid titled "Good Eats S12E11 Ginger: Rise of the Rhizome" here on youtube.

  18. The cheesecloth is just for the first ferment. You can drink it after the first ferment and it will be fairly fizzy, or you can second ferment in a grolsch style bottle to trap more carbonation. Ginger bug drinks second ferment within 24-hours with fruit juices and in about 72-hours for other sodas like rootbeer or ginger ale.

  19. SurreptitiouSurprise

    Most fermentation recipes I've seen that involve a secondary ferment (flavoring kombucha, for example) require a sealed bottle in order for the pressure to build and "carbonate" or add the fizz to the drink. In this case, I noted that you recommended a cheesecloth for air circulation. Will sealing the ginger beer in a Grolsch be problematic, or will it improve the bubbliness?

  20. Great MegaBreyergirl! Did you find the tutorial and recipe on my website?

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