Tour of 25-gallon electric HERMS brewing system

Tour of 25-gallon electric HERMS brewing system

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Testing out the new cam with a tour of my homebrew system. The kettle for the mash tun came from these guys:
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  1. Stephen Goldberger

    Nice setup m8!

  2. My god that shirt is awesome

  3. Chris Palmisano

    Nice looking rig, Joe. Where did you get your control panel?

  4. stephane gagnon

    Why did you chose HERMS over RIMS ? Is it more simple, more cheap, efficience ? 

  5. Tour of 25-gallon electric HERMS brewing system :

  6. Nice Set Up! 

  7. Hello Joe:

    In the past, I have heard that the electric coils heat up extremely quickly.  Assuming that is true, I was wondering if you have ever gotten any scorching as a result?

    Congratulations on take the steps to go pro!

  8. Joe what is better …a qd connection or a tri-clamp…any one stand out between the 2?

  9. whats the biggest most over the top beer you have ever done?

  10. Oscar Hernandez

    Great video! Thanks for sharing. I have one question: You say you're using the worth chiller as a recirculating coil (or viceversa), when recirculating the worth, how do you avoid clogging the coil?

  11. Brian Ginocchetti

    this is great stuff.  thanks for sharing, joe… do you have a parts list for this system?  I am ready to move to a herms system and have some extra play money at the moment.  I just need a starting point.  any direction you could provide would be great!  thanks!!!!!    RDWHAHB!

  12. Nice video, thanks for taking the time to put this together.

  13. Michael Palagonia

    where did you get the PIDS?

  14. Chris Biggerstaff

    Very nice, informative. You gave me some good ideas.

  15. moerdertaktiken

    BAD ASS!!! WOW amazing set up man. I'm totally set on constructing my own HERMS after this video. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Would it be possible to get an estimated cost from you for the heating elements, etc? Also are you using 120V or 240V? How much in parts for the control panel?

    I like the drop in wort chiller idea. I have a 1/2" x 50' chiller that I could use for this very purpose!

  17. I don't remember exactly. It's a Spike Brewing kettle. You can look them up online.

  18. question what that 25 gallon stock pot set you back ?

  19. Brother, it's more comfortable in the same room with "insulation" wrapped around your tanks. (keeps the heat where you want it) When I lifted the lid on mine last night (4200 watt oven element underneath) the upstairs "where my wife lives" went to 76 degrees immediately. DOC, a pro insulator buddy can sew you a insulation pad, he needs the work. GOOD job thou, if it works, makes you happy, I am tickled pink too.
    See my "youtube alive" ferment going on, it is scary to a newbie brewer.

  20. XTheSonofTheSunX

    good job, mate


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