The Chemistry of Beer Feat. Sam Adams Brewmaster Grant Wood

The Chemistry of Beer Feat. Sam Adams Brewmaster Grant Wood

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Everyone knows that chemistry and beer go hand in hand, but can you guess what hops, barley, and Louis Pasteur have in common?

Grant Wood, the Senior Brew Master at Boston’s Sam Adams brewery takes us on a quick tour of their world famous facility and gives a chemical explanation of the traditional four vessel beer brewing process. It’s about time all you home brewers out there get up to speed on your chemistry!

[Note: At Sam Adams’ Boston location, the mash tun is used as a substitute for the
brew kettle because of the small size of the brewery.]


  1. Boston Lager is the strongest yet most balanced flavor lager of all and is my favorite in my opinion.

  2. great video, but bacteria are visible under microscope

  3. Yes indeed!

  4. Great video to watch while enjoying a nice white lantern!

  5. Sam Adams and Grant Wood are like the Breaking Bad of Beer… lol  

  6. sam adams has a few of my favorite beers, although i don't dabble in the hipster craft beer i think they're one of the best

  7. great video, for the basics.

  8. Michelle Marie Frechette

    Good video.

  9. love Beer

  10. humberto aveiga moreira

  11. Love Sam Adams.  

  12. Sex For Sam!

  13. BigRalphSmith

    I used to play RPG's at Grant's home when he and his wife lived in San Antonio. Weird seeing him like this after all these years.

  14. Are you retarded?

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  16. why must you sully the good reputation of youtube beer brewing videos?

  17. is Garre not the best?

  18. Lupulin = Hop KEEF! m/

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