Swagger Root Beer – How To Make Root Beer

Swagger Root Beer – How To Make Root Beer

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Monterey Bay Spice Company – How to make root beer


  1. I need to knoe how to make it

  2. dude we are neighbors!! im active too

  3. Making your Root Beer recipe this week! Finally got my roots so I'm gonna start with your recipe and tweak it from there. Thanks!

  4. Great video!  I coach a youth soccer team. Because I brew beer, I was nominated to brew a batch of root beer for a team party.  Anyway, I've never made root beer before.  I plan to force carbonate & keg it (since I already have the equipment).  For now, I'll go the simple route & use extracts.  Who knows, I may take this to a new level & begin to use roots, spices, etc.  I'm trying to find a good (simple) recipe for a 4 gallon batch that uses sugar, brown sugar & honey.  I bought some "Old Time Flavor" concentrate from Rainbow Flavors, Inc.  Any suggestions?  Thanks for the video!

  5. Quantina Jones

    I want my little guy to make root beer when he gets older too. 🙂 #creatingfamilytraditions 


    Awesome video!  I am going try this myself.  I love root beer and cigars!  I also brew my own beer.  Check our cigar review videos out at "Slut Club Cigars".  Keep up the good work!

  7. Nice of you to post a link to his blog….

  8. cutest child i have  ever seen. Great looking root beer as well

  9. I love root beer. It's awesome. 800 times better than beer in my book. Especially because there's no alcohol.

  10. Sassafras is carcinogenic so it will cause liver damage. You can buy sassafras extract that has the safrole removed so it's safe. It probably doesn't taste quite as good, but your liver will thank you.

  11. Nationstagnation

    Check out my root beer!

  12. good

  13. So the title is how to make root beer ? says nothing in the video on how to make it just braggs on his brew.

  14. Hello, I noticed you were using bleach for your cleaning and sanitizing and I highly recommend that you never use bleach on stainless steel. It can damage the stainless and requires extensive acid treatments to passivate the stainless steel. Caustic cleaners and acid based sanitizers are ideal in a brewery situation.

  15. Pianoman 70s style

    The coloring of his brew looks like creme soda. I would probably color mine darker so it looks more like a root beer brown. I know it doesn't change the taste, but the dark brown is part of the appeal of root beer to me.

  16. Very cool! Very likable guy. He got me pumped up to make my own root beer now.

  17. thanks bro!

  18. Yes.

  19. so do they rinse the root?

  20. SergioAranda0415

    Nice bro

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