Soda Hunter Video Tasting: Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Soda Hunter Video Tasting: Bundaberg Ginger Beer

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Soda Hunter tries a real brewed ginger beer made by Bundaberg. It’s worth noting that the closer to the bottom of the bottle I got, the sweeter the soda tasted. Also, the burn increased, but not at an uncomfortable level. Follow me on twitter @Soda_Hunter and subscribe to my channel!


  1. NationalLibertarian

    Australia's finest

  2. Chris Scanlan neglected to mention the Creaming Soda that's also available. It's awesome!

  3. it was stronger towards the bottom because you have to tip the bottle a few times, it mentions this on the label, the ginger cloud settles on the bottom, 

  4. You pronounced it right the first time you said it mate. I grew up drinking this stuff and the cap goes way back to how most Aussie beers were capped way back when. Glad you enjoyed a taste of Australia.

  5. Theres a brewed draft cola, but we dont own it. Its just made here.

  6. We have the ginger beer as well as the root beer or "sarsparilla". But we also do the passionfruit, lemon lime and bitters, peach, guava, blood orange, pink grapefruit,pineapple and coconut, a traditional lemonade, apple cider and a new spiced ginger beer infused with cinnimon and clove flavors.

  7. This made me smile, I work for bundaberg brewed drinks and its great to hear peoples takes on our products. The ginger beer is amazing but we also have many other flavors, all brewed using the same process, and all are shipped to the US. They can be found in CostCo stores and are all worth a try.

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