Sixpoint Brewery – Dr. Klankenstein in HD

Sixpoint Brewery – Dr. Klankenstein in HD

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Video narrative of Sixpoint’s “Dr. Klankenstein” beer project, taking you through the entire journey from concept, to testing, to obstacles, and ultimately – to success.


  1. Matthew McNamara

    @mmcnamara14 Thanks! One more question… long did each "hot rock" addition stay in the wort before you had to change it out for another batch of hot rocks? I am fascinated by this….

  2. SixpointVision

    @mmcnamara14 all of the grains were removed from the wort when the rocks were added…

  3. Matthew McNamara

    Were the hot rocks added to the wort after the grains were removed, or were the grains still in there?

  4. DrSimon Atkins

    Excellent video, Aaron! High risk = high reward, except … just hope none of those guys have a hangover the next morning when they have to lift those 1,000F "bundles of joy" into the cauldron! Cheers! Skol! Kippikset sille! Kanpai!

  5. Drinking BEER = LOSING Fat !! It's True !! Science Proven, check it out:


    Beer Consumers will absolutely LOVE this!

  6. ChadzBeerReviews

    awesome! Nice to see this video getting a lot of views. Great production quality!

  7. Beer Geek Nation

    Wow this is amazing stuff! Id love to try this one

  8. I want to say it was AleSmith that did something like this a few years back. I think they called it "Blarney Stoned". I know Port Brewing and Bend Brewing did a collaboration in early 2009 called Hot Rocks Lager and I think they used granite. I believe the Bend Brewing version is called Roxy Stein Lager, but I have had both beers and they were fantastic. Sounds like Sixpoint Craft Ales will enjoy the same success with this one. Cheers!

  9. @SixpointVision – I wouldn't doubt it, the smell of my homebrewery was wonderful, but the first time I brewed on Packinghouse's 5bbl system it was amazing…


  10. SixpointVision


    stay tuned for more….

  11. SixpointVision

    @OPE08 yes, there was heavy caramelization in the wort…but even more sensational was during the filming of this video, the entire brewhouse was saturated with the perfume of a confectionary! Sugar was in the air! 🙂

  12. Awesome vid : )

  13. So we have a local brewery, "Inland Empire", here in town that uses an all-electric brewhouse, they get some really interesting carmelization due to the direct contact between the element and the wort. Did you notice any effect like that in this process?

  14. Rocky sample at the end

  15. SixpointVision

    @bmeyer44 no distribution in Missouri yet…you will have to try it when you are in NYC!

  16. very nice video…well filmed and edited…I would love to try this beer, do you have a distribution to Missouri?

  17. You guys worked your asses off producing this video. And you're getting tons of views pretty fast. Awesome job!

  18. Winton theBeerTuber

    Really well-made video. I like the production of it.

    This is awesome to see the "making of" of your new stein beer. I hope to fly out to Brooklyn sometime soon to try this beer.

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