Simple Way to Make Homemade Root Beer

Simple Way to Make Homemade Root Beer

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Making Homemade Root Beer is easy, tasty and a fun Halloween treat/decor all while spending time with your children. As you will see in this video, it will be a big hit.
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  1. Ha halftime don't be a jerk 

  2. Coodent you do all that in the milk cantaner


    is that kid retarded? lol

  4. Obviously made in a sterile, climate-controlled environment with the consumer in mind.

  5. Denise Terrell

    i wuld not drink that soda after them 2 made it

  6. My sister, Thirdgirl and I did this years ago…flooded the kitchen because we made 5 gallons and had 7 lbs of dry ice.  FUN!

  7. adrian del rosario

    hahahahaha nice…

  8. Elias Christian

    Your son is so funny


  9. piratesrule333

    this is one of my favorite videos 

  10. lmfao, this video is hilarious…you will die a early age bahahahaha

  11. It takes 3 or more to burn and it is just Co2

  12. alpha strong wolf


  13. alpha strong wolf

    So I don't think that dry ice. But I'm not really sure. The reason why they put dry ice in there is because dry ice makes car ion dioxide. And u need the carbon dioxide to make ur soda. To make the bubbles or sizzles. It taste better that way.

  14. alpha strong wolf

    SRRY the sry was suppose to be dry! Lol

  15. alpha strong wolf

    Here is a little tip yes sry ice can burn ur hands because it is really cold. That u should always be careful around it and always where gloves when ur touching it. Dry ice is not like other ice so u should not be playing with it or puting it in cups or anything. But it's good for a good experiment to do to see what dry ice does or how it reacts.but be careful

  16. Jordan made the root beer like a boss

  17. Nathaniell Brenes

    Doesn't the dry ice burn your hands? I thought dry ice was poisonous!

  18. too funny, commemts and all.

  19. you say it fun for Halloween but you uploaded the video on dec 31

  20. Why didn't you just pour the sugar in yourself?

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