Simple Home Brewing: All Grain IPA 1 Gallon

Simple Home Brewing: All Grain IPA 1 Gallon

- in Beer Brewing Kit

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Everyday IPA

In this video I am brewing my very first batch of all grain.
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  1. how can I brew an All grain without the muslin bag? Only using 2 kettles and a strainer (brewing system) and my fermentor?

  2. Good video. I liked the way the hops were kept away from the cat!
    How did the beer turn out?

  3. very informative! I'm gonna by Northern Brewer's 1 gallon kit soon I think I'll use your method of a 2 gallon cooler for mashing in

  4. hey, great video.  What kind of material is in your 2gl. cooler?…looks like that works well, other than the instructions that came with.

  5. What bag are you using to line that cooler?

  6. did I miss you adding sugar or malt dextrose? what sugar source did you use

  7. TurtleFeather Brew

    Man I like our idea of a biab mash, never accord to me to do that, looking at coolers and plumbing trying to cost out a cheap built for 1gal. Batches,…. BBS kits are good tho very over price, much cheaper to get the book an purchase the grains, trick I picked up to help with removing the hops and remaining sluggish dough is a folded cheese cloth or a clean brand new white wash cloth, … a small pinch of irish moss at 10mins helps as well to clear up the brew, cheers just subscribed

  8. Did you "dry hop" on day 7 using that darn cat? Lol

  9. What size cooler are you using?

  10. Nice brew video, Looks like it will be a great ipa.Look forward to seeing the end product. Cheers

  11. Newfound Brewing

    Good video. Enjoyed the outtakes. Cheers to your first all grain brew

  12. Cheers on your first All Grain. Nice size kit for tasting different kinds of beer.

  13. homebeerbrewery

    Great video mate! Cheers

  14. Good job

  15. Great job!!!

  16. Great video.. love the bloopers!

  17. New improved grady1610

    Poor Andy……..

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