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This video shows you how to properly sanitize your homebrew (and winemaking) equipment using Star San and other sanitizer products.
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  1. would there be directions for people who use 1 gallon demijohns?

  2. Great Video!!! What's the name of the baster like device you used to draw a sample of the beer.

  3. Patrick appleyard

    Do u know anything about if u get cloudy water when u put star san in because I've heard its not good.

  4. hi, I use starsan and find it effective, I tend to rinse after using though. I know thats contrary to directions but i just thought to myself that if this stuff kills all sorts of microbes then maybe i dont want to be drinking it too?

  5. Note: I am a totally newbie to brewing.
    When I cleaned my carboy with Starsan, I had a lot of bubles in the bottle that I could not get rid of. How did you get rid of the bubles? Will the bubles hurt my beer?

  6. can bleach or hyrdogen peroxide work? or iodine tablets

  7. quick and easy, thanks.


    hi SANITIZING HOMEBREW EQUIPMENT Home brewing can be very differcult without the right advice but i think you have done a good job with SANITIZING HOMEBREW EQUIPMENT keep up the good work.

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  9. Kevin SulaeArts

    With Star San, we mix 1oz in 5 gallons, soak for 2 minutes, let drip dry and don't rinse?

  10. Why waist all that Star San making gallons of solution? Just use .5 tsp and fill a spray bottle! Spray all of your equipment down and you're done.

  11. Really great info. Thanks for the video!

  12. How do you sanitize the bottling bucket and the valve simultaneously

  13. so is star san all you need or do you need to use a cleanser first then star san for the beer?

  14. NorthernBrewerTV

    That is most likely harmless, but you may also want to look into replacing your tubing IF it is older. Another good way to make sure and keep your homebrew as clean as possible.

  15. NorthernBrewerTV

    It should be fine still.

  16. Henrik Rasmussen

    Be very careful using Star San in the kitchen, it can ruin countertops.

  17. Don't fear the foam!

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