Sanitizing for Home Brewing

Sanitizing for Home Brewing

- in Beer Brewing Equipment

An intuitive method of sanitizing your equipment before you start making a home brew (beer or wine).

You can buy the Sanitizers here:

Sodium Metabisulfite Contact Sanitizer:

Sodium Metabisulfite Contact Sanitizer:

Star San No Rinse Sanitizer:

Auto Siphon for Bottling:
Sodium Metabisulfite Contact Sanitizer:

Sodium Metabisulfite Contact Sanitizer:

Star San No Rinse Sanitizer:

PET bottles:
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  1. thanks a lot Craig. I am about to get my first brew going and i was a little nervous about this crucial step. This video has put the nerves to bed. 
    Good Luck.

  2. is it any sanitizing solution are reusable? I got Sodium percarbonate  

  3. would bleach or hydrogen peroxide work?

  4. No, I would leave it up there.  It just helped me.  I'm a new home brewer with 3 lbs of Na2S2O5….  Your videos cost me a couple hundred but i love my new hobby. :)

  5. You know, this is a really old video. I should probably take it down. Can you get StarSan? That's what most of us use.

  6. Can I initially use PBW to clean fermentation vessels and other brewing equipment and also use Sodium Metabisulfite after?

  7. Yes, I only use boiling water for the main plastics, bottles I can heat slowly in a gas oven, no need for any of this chemical stuff! It works for home brew and for my pickles.

  8. I've always thought that the sulphate will kill my yeast.

  9. High Craig, If you put 16 crushed Camden tablets Sodium Metabisulphate ) in a gallon of water with I teaspoon of citric acid. It boosts the sanitising and cleaning effect. (Don't breath it up close though) . This is a no rinse solution as both citric acid and sodium metabisulphate are put into wine and cider to kill wild yeasts.

    If you look on many bottles of commercial wine/cider it will say "contains sulphates" The sulphite is normally Sodium Metabisulphate, citric acid improves many wines.

  10. These are great videos. I like the production value that you put in. You have inspired me to start making some of my own wine making videos. Just to show the process a little.

  11. How much metabisulfate did you add to that 1 gallon jug? It looked like quite a bit. I believe a gallon only requires a teaspoon.

  12. Well, Star San is not available in every part of the world, so, this video is still useful.

  13. can't you just use boiling water to sanitize?

  14. As usual great vid but i have to leave the sodium on for a hour to airdry , according to the Brigalow instruction so the cemical can do it's work and then rins with cold water , thanks

  15. This video is old and really should be taken down. Look up how to use Star San and yes you can put that in the airlock. Cheers.

  16. hey craig…can you put sanitizer solution in the air lock because im brewing wine now and its coming out the airlock a little bit.

  17. I work at a hospital, and sterilize my bottles and equipment in our autoclaves… 270+ deg for 10 min high pressure steam

  18. Craig when you pressed the lid on and shook it up surely the sealing surfaces between lid and container didn't get cleaned.not if its a good seal.maybe i missed something.anyway thanks for all your mint videos.

  19. @W4RD1N8ER I use mostly the no rinse these days. Star San and Iodifor. But I still use the Sodium meta stuff once in a while because it lasts for months in the bottle.

  20. Thanks for this vid dude I rins the shit outta of mine after so if you quick rinse like in your vid and your wine is good then i have nothing to worry about I'm so paranoid that i:m going to contaminate with this stuff plus if your nose smells it for awhile then you bottle thats all you smell. It is great for cleansing how do you feel about the no rinse?

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