RumChata Root Beer Float

RumChata Root Beer Float

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RumChata Root Beer Float Recipe:

1 part RumChata
3 parts Root Beer

Combine over ice in a tall glass. Careful: to avoid separation please pour root beer over ice first, then add RumChata to cooled root beer. A&W® or Dad’s® root beer are recommended as they seem to separate less than other brands.
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  1. wy would you not want ice cream in your root beer float

  2. Christopher Chavez

    seriously whoever does this is a fag

  3. Gina Ferrer (Cartoon obsessed)

    I ship it like fedex

  4. therandomguyonyoutube 0

    iz rumchata lickor

  5. Check out this video on YouTube:thy

  6. Check out this video on YouTube:

  7. how the fuck does a liquid replace a solid for the texture…get some better actors and lines and maybe "recipes" that aren't 1:1 or other simple ratios im getting tired of seeing shitty ads like this one

  8. Lily Pops (queen black opal)


  9. NOTHING CAN REPLACE ICE CREAM!! Unless it replaces it, then… Yeah.

  10. Who is this chick?? What is her name

  11. Ads like this are the only kind i don't mind before my actual video starts

  12. Every fucking video she says its the best she ever had

  13. U don't do anything u just add "rum hate" to everything u don't do anything else

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