Root Beer Ribs Recipe – Spicy Lamb Ribs Glazed with Root Beer and Sesame

Root Beer Ribs Recipe – Spicy Lamb Ribs Glazed with Root Beer and Sesame

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Learn how to make a Spicy Lamb Ribs Glazed with Root Beer and Sesame recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Root Beer Ribs recipe!
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  1. What kind of retard would eat ribs with a fork and knife ? Thats soooo disrespectful to the lamb

  2. ….this looks so good.  One question.  I don't have Toasted Sesame Oil.  I only have regular Sesame Oil.  Will that make a big difference?

  3. This is worse than watching real porn at 2 in the morning

  4. What would be the best method if i want to cook this recipe on a bbq grill??

  5. thisgoestoeleven

    "You can totally get lamb ribs anywhere and if you think you can't you're wrong"- A culinary professional living in a major metropolis.

  6. just curious, what did those lambs ribs cost? lamb of any kind is so outrageously expensive here I stopped buying it.

    never the less  a great looking recipe and ill bet great tasting too.

    and the best root beer is birch beer, hard to find but worth the search!

  7. Lovita 송유나

    Indonesian foods please!! 

  8. Looks great! I think I'm going to try this in my smoker.

  9. If you are going to use an ingredient, you the best!

    Sugar Cane soft drinks are FAR BETTER than our high fructose corn syrup junk, and healthier!

  10. Persephone Calisto

    Ugh… Root beer makes me so sick. ;-;


    we call ribs in Ireland bodice. just cooked with cabbage and potato.

  12. Wow! That looks so good! I gotta try that! I suppose a person could add some brown sugar and molasses to the sauce aswell!

  13. Prasanna de Silva

    Can I do the same on a bbq grill ?

  14. I am going to marinate my ribs tonight-excited 

  15. Phillip Sorrells

    Y R U NOT A FAMOUS CHEF?!?!?!?!

  16. GhostPeppersToday

  17. you make the funniest comments throughout hahahah

  18. i left my ribs marinade overnight following the recipe almost exactly and it has a weird smell almost like its rotten or something is that bad? 

  19. Great vid as always Chef yum yum an yuuuummm

  20. Michael Laughlin

    So I made the ribs and the fondant potatoes. It's official our family loves you. So good. Two things I wish I would have done differently. 1. Made twice the potatoes and 2 I had one lonely rib that was cut because it didn't fit in my marinating bag. When I glazed my ribs that one really got glazed well and it was awesome. Next time I may cut the ribs two hours in and start the glazing process early to get all around coverage. I made a lot of extra sauce so I had plenty and it was worth the effort. Thank you for sharing such great recipes.

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