Root Beer Lamb with Toasted Sesame – Braised Lamb Recipe

Root Beer Lamb with Toasted Sesame – Braised Lamb Recipe

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Looking for a creative and memorable recipe to serve at your next fancy dinner party? This recipe inspired by a Top Chef is perfect. Easy, delicious and unusual!

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  1. Can you use regular beer instead of root beer?

  2. Can you use chicken stock instead of water?

  3. LEG of lamb is something you've NEVER done.

  4. Would this freeze well? I'm trying to collect a bunch of big recipes that I can make in batches and freeze since I'm a uni student and it would help save a lot of time and energy. 🙂

    Thank you!

  5. dreadyrasman iRastai

    Dam ima steal this recipe

  6. 1.10 minutes in & I got diabetes. Awesome!

  7. This is kinda like a twist on the korean dish Bulgogi?

  8. HappiProductions1

    Do you hear that? It's my tears of hunger… silently falling onto my computer…

  9. Good. Dogs aren't suppose to have sugar.

  10. Mohandas Gandhi

    I just made this and it came out great. I'm poor though, so I used beef instead of lamb. It wasn't bad at all, but I can see how lamb would have worked a lot better with it. I also changed something else that was pretty major. Instead of root beer, I got some Fentimans ginger beer. All in all, delicious.

  11. Mescaline Monk

    I wouldn't feed this to my dog

  12. Epicmealtime must've gave you this idea…

  13. I love you :O well your cooking 🙂

  14. can you do this in a crock pot???

  15. can u mail that to me please 😀 ?

  16. The meat started with shoulder chops but if you look at 4:01 now the meat has some rib chops in it!!!!!! Those are not shoulder bone pieces sticking out.

  17. @JimmyChiffels

    so it seems like you lost that argument lol

  18. @kumarpassion HEY FUCK YOU KUMAR. Kumar… PFFT what kinda name is that? What is it 5 Os or 2 Us..

  19. @JimmyChiffels And if you can ONLY toast sesame seeds but not prepare that dish, you're such a JACKASS !!

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