Root Beer Float Shooter, with Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Root Beer Float Shooter, with Not Your Father’s Root Beer

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Today we make a little shooter with the new beer product, Not Your Father’s Root Beer. Will the statement we’ve said in the past, “Beer IS the recipe” hold true in this case too? After all, we’ve always had challenges with root beer as an ingredient and beer hasn’t been any easier.

So, how does Not Your Father’s Root Beer hold up in a cocktail? Well, honestly, this beer doesn’t taste anything like beer, it tastes like root beer. It has lots of sweet sarsaparilla flavor and additional spices so bringing rumchata into the picture doesn’t bring a whole lot but flavor confusion.

We even tried this with Coole Swan Irish Cream and Tippy Cow Soft Serve Vanilla Liqueur and neither were that impressive.

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  1. Derrick,

    Whipped vodka would be a good alternative that would give you more of that cream soda taste.

  2. The rootbeer is DELICIOUS at first taste then it has a weird after taste…like malt or something but its a step in the right direction.  I will make the perfect Root Beer BEER

  3. Coney Island root beer is better. It's not as sweet 

  4. Have you tried Malört? It would be interesting if you could make a cocktail with it. Hard to drink without making a face. 

  5. I really don't like RumChata. Now, Velvet Cinn, on the other hand, with some coffee, Black Strap, Vodka, Kahlua, and Amaretto, makes for a hell of a Long Island Iced Coffee.

    I always get pissed off that I like the Bud-A-Ritas. Pretty much every flavor. They aren't good. But they're so good. And I'm with you on Bacardi. I tried Oakheart recently and it's a wonderful tasting rum and I hate that I'm admitting that.

  6. cassandra burkle

    I have searched everywhere to find rum chata here in Australia but I cannot find it anywhere here even online ,& I can't get it imported because of the high milk content 

  7. Hi Derrick! i work in a restaurant and we make a martini with this root beer that customers, both young, and old, seem to really enjoy. I'm not sure or the ratios, but shake and strain vanilla vodka and half and half/ plain coffee creamer and just top that with the root beer. Maybe try that version out and see if you guys like it any more or less

  8. I like a lot of drinks that use cranberry but they inevitable come out pink. So I always just make them at home for my girlfriend as an excuse to have a "girly" drink myself. She is catching on… 

  9. I work at a grocery store. NYF's Root beer has been selling ridiculously fast. I really need to try it. Im sort of new to rumchata. What does that taste like? and also what was it supposed to taste like with the RB?

  10. Its average here in Australia to have our beer around that alcohol percentage, it's rare to find a beer below 4-5% abv

  11. I hate that I like most bottom shelf whiskeys…

    PS: Keep yelling!!

  12. Smifnoff or Mike's Hard

  13. This one looks pretty interesting. At least the root beer part. I'm not into shooters but as a cocktail it might work for me. Anything I can use Tippy Cow with sounds good.

  14. STOP fucking yelling!!
    I would like to watch your videos but I can't deal with that yelling. Get another schtick

  15. Anthony Annweiler (LazyKrogan)

    I hate that i like Smirnoff Ice. :/

  16. I pick up a bit of a beer taste but mainly sweet root beer flavor

  17. I'm no snob when it comes to drinking. With that said, I hate that I like those Bud Light Rita drinks. Strawbrrita is my favorite.

  18. I kinda like Rum Chata tried it for the first time this weekend!

  19. starshipfantastica

    You call it on Not Your Fathers RB. It got insanely popular this summer but its almost in its own category. It's too sweet for beer drinkers and too heavy for girls who drink wine coolers. You bring it too a party and everyone will say Wow but no one will drink more than one. Even regular root beer soda is something you can drink alot of. Heavy flavor and heavy carbonation is hard to use as a mixer. Root beer schnapps is easier if you want root beer flavor.

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