Root Beer Brewing Kit from ThinkGeek

Root Beer Brewing Kit from ThinkGeek

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    The pirates were louder than Vikings.

  2. it doesn't come with ninjas 🙁

  3. can you ship to canada? cause i want those hot peppers kit!

  4. Does the taste come close to any brand name competitor?

  5. ThinkGeek specializes in the unneeded, which i like 🙂

  6. Wants for christmas

  7. Daneboe's voice

  8. VIKINGS DO NOT HAVE WORLD OF WARCRAFT MUGS! Especially not the Dragon Aspects Mug or the Brewfest Mug! Funny skit other then that. =)

  9. Was expecting the two people and the root beer to disappear in the imagination of the "Ninjas". Dissapointment. ; _;

  10. @Knoxerboy101 It's Think Geek! You want serious from them, bad mouth Star Wars. Then they'll show you the force!

  11. @Knoxerboy101 We figured you got everything you needed from the product copy and photos. This was just for fun, not necessarily a commercial!

  12. This tells me nothing about the product I couldn't figure out from looking at the box, why not give us a demonstration of making it and tasting it instead of this pointless skit?

  13. Vikings aren't loud… 🙁

  14. The House Always Wins

    Wait a minute… Pirates, Vikings and Ninjas DON'T drink root beer! Cow Boys do! >:(

  15. thinkgeek, why don't you ship candy or products like this to Australia? I hate not being able to taste bawls without getting a plane ticket.

  16. …he's a cute male-half of all those.

  17. @AngryLlamaz The end-result of yeast fermentation is alcohol, but the amount is pretty small. I think at worst it gets to 1% ABV.

  18. Is this alcoholic?

  19. @Vakrian at least their stuff is better

  20. @littlenatnatz101 Oh we ship tons of stuff all over the world. We just have to restrict those few things we know will get snagged in customs.

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