REAL Root Beer | Brewing Root Beer With Real Ingredients

REAL Root Beer | Brewing Root Beer With Real Ingredients

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This is a full tutorial on making REAL root beer with REAL ingredients, NOT extracts. In this video I cover the ingredients that get used, where to get them, how much you will need and of course how to brew your root beer.

One thing that was left out in the end of the video is the yeast. Here are some pointers on yeast.
-I have been using Star champagne yeast. I would highly recommend it. It is very clean tasting and wont make your root beer taste like beer.
-I use a little less than 1/4tsp of yeast per gallon of root beer.
-I also do not put the yeast into the ale pale when I pour the root beer in. I did that once and if you do that and you pour into multiple containers, you will get uneven carbonation. Put yeast directly into containers after filling with root beer. This will give you more consistent carbonation from one bottle/jug to the other.
-With sticking to the less than 1/4tsp of yeast per gallon of root beer, your bottles should be fully carbonated in 2-3 days.

NOTE: If you’re using plastic bottles, you will know that the root beer is at peak carbonation when the bottles cant be squeezed or is very hard to squeeze. If you are using glass bottles BE CAREFUL. Don’t be scared to use them, just be careful and check regularly. Dedicate one bottle as your “test” bottle. This one will of course end up being flatter than the others since you will open it every day or less. This will help you estimate how much carbonation is in the other unopened bottles and assist in preventing exploding bottles.


My 2014 Christmas gift to all of you wonderful viewers and subscribers, my “Signature” recipe. Thanks for everything.

“Signature Recipe”
12 Qts Water
36 oz. Honey
3/8 tsp. Salt
3/8 cp. Sarsaparilla
3/8 cp. Sassafras
3 cp. Light Brown Sugar
1 1/2 cp Vanilla Flavoring
3/8 cp. Chopped Raisins
3/8 tsp. Nutmeg
1/8 tsp. Champagne Yeast (per gallon)
4 oz. Maltodextrine

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  1. could I essentially turn this into beer if I had more yeast??

  2. I love Rootbeer

  3. you look like a chef Irvine before

  4. And not ONE comment about how this stuff tastes.. come on people!

  5. justin anderson

    You put the vanilla, sugar, and honey in last because you wanted them to be more prominent? When you put an ingredient in and let the water boil away, wouldn't that just concentrate the flavor more?

  6. Cleve Carpenter

    could use actual real vanilla bean pods too… instead of "flavor"

  7. theShakin longhairedPoodle

    What are the benefits of using real ingredients versus root beer extract. 

  8. vanilla flavor is a secretion from a beavers anus.

  9. could a person make this using bread as a source of yeast?

  10. Three question on roots and their flavors
    Is there a taste difference between sassafras and sassparilla,and is their any difference between the two most common foaming agents,yucca and quilja extract,and do either effect the taste;great video by the way?

  11. This is when I wish I could there was TasteTube. Thank you for a lovely tutorial.

  12. how long should the bottles be kept in the fridge before they are ready?

  13. how much of the champagne yeast should i put in according to the recipe used in the video?

  14. roughly how hot should the stove be while cooking? should it be like a low or high heat?

  15. so I made a batch of this myself, and followed the directions to a T, but had a few questions. I had the bottled root beer sitting for two days at about 60'F rather than 70-75'F, and I checked the bottles and there was next to no carbonation. I figured with it being cooler it might take a few days longer ferment. Also, is the color of the soda supposed to be more of a tan rather than a dark brown?

  16. In your signature recipe, you excluded the juniper berries, star anises, and wintergreen leaves that was in your video. Does that mean that you stopped using them after making this video? 

  17. Where did you get this recipe

  18. You're aware that the FDA banned sassafras in 1976 because it's carcinogenic? 

  19. After bottling…what is the shelf life on the root beer?  Thanks!

  20. How did the maltodextrine come up on this or later brews? I'm about to start my first ever brew but without it. How does the texture compare?

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