Raw Ginger Ale- How to make DIY

Raw Ginger Ale- How to make DIY

- in Ginger Beer

COMPLETE INGREDIENT, DIRECTIONS, & PRODUCT LINKS- http://www.dollstatus.com/diet/drinksjuices/raw-ginger-ale/

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  1. Akinyemi Oguntunde

    Love the nut bag tip! What is the size you use in your video? Thank you for sharing your healthy lifestyle techniques!

  2. Cherie Howard

    love your nails 😃😆😁

  3. Mincecraftshowcaser 0143


  4. I'm a simple man

  5. That not a raw ginger ale, sorry is this a joke

  6. Not Ginger ale! :(

  7. TheBlueNightingale

    Niki Minaj

  8. Tyler Stevens

    I love whatever song that was in the background! What was it

  9. Peggy Francoeur

    I have never actually heard of this drink before now.  It sounds like an interesting drink.  I don't know if its a good idea though to drink it for hours on end, just a bit of advice.

  10. Hey Steph so you said you like nuts bags if you want one I have one you could have it lol

  11. Could this be done for Sasparilla? , i wonder….nice video.

  12. Mbuna Marcus - Aquariums, Cichlids and More

    My favorite pop 🙂  Cool vid Sweets ;)

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