O.H.S.O. + nanoBrewery’s — “Brew How-To”

O.H.S.O. + nanoBrewery’s — “Brew How-To”

- in Beer Brewing Process

O.H.S.O. + nanoBrewery's --

A short explanation of the brewing process as demonstrated by OHSO+nanoBrewery, in the Arcadia area of Phoenix, AZ.

Located locally at 4900 E. Indian School Rd. 85018
— 43 taps of pure craft beer. + Casks + Pints + AZ Pitchers M-F 11a-6p.
— Backyard BBQ Sundays + all you can eat.
— Brunch – Sat. + Sun. 9a-2p.

Enjoy the Day! Have a Local Beer!

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A BobWhite Productions “How To”
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  1. Cool thanks informative


    nice setup.where did you get the rotating sparge arm from???

  3. Who makes the plastic conical fermenters that your using?

  4. Great video and really intrested in your sparge arm, is that a commercial arm or did you have it fabricated?

  5. Do you guys have any spec's or close up photos of how you attached the valves and piping to the bottom of your plastic fermentors. I'm looking at acquiring a couple of those in a few months and it would be good to see how you guys accomplished that. 

  6. Awesome video, I'm wondering how big is your system? 2 or 3 BBL? what type of pumps do you use for the job, I apreciate your answer as i'm planing on building one of this!, cheers.

  7. Very professional video!  Well done.

  8. How big is your nanobrewery? (BBL)

  9. GO IRISH!! 

  10. What beautiful setup

  11. TheCooperville

    great video guys looks like a well thought out system and plenty of fun along the way

  12. wow

  13. Eric VandenAkker

    That looks like a weak boil. Any DMS concerns?

  14. Gustavo Malave seda

    hi great vid like your equipment. My question is how much galons is the boiler and the fermenter and how many day you brew in the week? ty in advance

  15. Great video. Enjoy every minute of it. 🙂

  16. Sensei Kelly Van Gogh

    Great video. I am looking forward to brewing with OHSO soon!

  17. Great video,gave us alot of insight of what's been happening at O.H.S.O.. Thanks for sending it our way. You have a really nice channel and to show our support we have subscribed. We have placed this video in our restaurant playlist. take it easy :=)♥ Chickbit & granPaw Kiev

  18. I just brewed with O.H.S.O. last Monday, Dave and Johann with O.H.S.O. gave Emmet and Jen 6 hours of hands on brewing experience. It was OHSO-tastic, delicious food and great beer samples along the way. The beer we brewed will be called, "Cascadia Trail Ale", look for it starting May 25th. Bring your big boy pants, the ABV may be above 7.5. Thanks O.H.S.O! See you for O.H.S.O. to Sole.

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