Not Your Father’s Hard Root Beer Mission Brewery Comparison Taste test

Not Your Father’s Hard Root Beer Mission Brewery Comparison Taste test

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Not Your Father’s Hard Root Beer Mission Brewery Comparison Taste test Small Town Brewery, Ale with the Taste of Spices, ABV: 5.9%, Bold, Sweet, Smooth, Spicy, Mission Brewery, ABV: 7.5%, This is a Comparison of the 2. As far as Beers go Im not a fan but this…. WOW
I have been hearing about this hard root beer for a little while now and I figured that I would get some and see what everyone is talking about. So I bought 2 different kinds to do a taste test review. I have to say I do like it and I am not a beer drinker.
I like the Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Hard Root Beer. It is a little stouter and tastes a litter better. Let me know what you think. Make sure and check out all my channels for new videos added daily.

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  1. MegaZombieland1234

    where I'm from they have 11$ newer !

  2. Great review Nathan. I've never had Not Your Father's, but I had Mission last night and the weekend before. It definitely gives a hint of the alcohol it contains, but it is still deceptively strong. Two of the Mission Root Beers make me buzzed and sleepy and a six pack lasts two weekends.. I need to try Not Your Father's. Also, are you selling the '79 Cadillac pick-up?

  3. I love Taco Bell!!

  4. Just bought this ferrari but its shi…. LOOK AT MY BOOKS IM SO SMART
    I read so much I keep my books in the garage were they're easy to access….

  5. Oww man here in Holland we have all sorts of 'zwaar bier' some up to 12%, at least the ones l've had

  6. Lmao! loved the parody on the "I'm more proud of my bookshelf than my ferrari" guy!

  7. That was a good burp test! We just tried one called Coney Island hard root beer which will be uploaded here. We have like 140 reviews on our channel so you're more than welcome to check them out!

  8. Part 2 is after 9 beers? ;-)

  9. Fredrik Strandberg

    Woohooo beer reviews 🙂 Mission sounds like my type of beer :)

  10. Did you stay there that night

  11. hi, keep up the good work, on the old school cars. im in L.A what car auction would you recommend for me.

  12. *U hatin on da homie Tai Lopez? *

  13. natural ice cool also

  14. You remind of the Dos Equis guy with that beard. The most interesting man in the world lol " he can buy one owner cars with no owners" lol

  15. Lol! I know that comercial and it drives me nuts. I tried to comment on that particular but they are not allowed.

  16. brandon lariviere

    You where starting to get drunk

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