Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale Beer Review Small Town Brewery

Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale Beer Review Small Town Brewery

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Smalltown Brewery


Tasting Notes: Driven by passion for American heritage and ingenuity, Small Town Brewery’s founder and brewmaster, Tim Kovac, is forever experimenting with cherished classics.

Kovac’s fond memories of his family’s homemade ginger ale and hard lemon candy inspired him to spend several years painstakingly refining his recipe for a sessionable, alcoholic ginger ale with a nuanced, yet refreshingly familiar taste and aroma. Not Your Father’s Ginger Ale presents a masterfully-balanced ginger and citrus body, with hints of black currant lending complementary floral and fruityspice notes. The end result is a pioneering craft specialty ale that delivers what we believe is a truly worthy and unparalleled evolution of another beverage icon.

Description: Ale with the Taste of Spices
ABV: 5.9%
Gruit-inspired recipe Package:
Bottles: 6-pack 12 oz.
Cans: 6-pack 12 oz.


  1. Drinking this right now, u definitely hit the review on the nose. I think this is great and a great summer drink!

  2. Well I had one of these last week. I loved the spicy bold ginger taste. If you have not had traditional ginger ale the spicy bold flavor may be too much. Not nearly as sweet as the root beer (which I do not care for just too sweet for me and I am a fan of good root beer). Great review. I found myself shaking my head in agreement throughout.

  3. Miguelangel Barragan

    How does this compare to Canada Dry? Tastes similar?

  4. I'm sure i love it! Thanks for the review.Do you have any idea if there are any not-traditional gingerale tasting alcoholic drink in the United States? I wanna compare them which one would be best for me during my next business trip.

  5. I really like it by itself…BUT, use it in a bourbon and ginger and hold on!!!!

  6. Very strong Ginger flavor, doesn't remind me of your typical Ginger Ale. Definitely prefer the Not Your Fathers Rootbeer if I had to choose one soda beer.

  7. great review. I'm having one right now as I watch this. your review it spot on. cheers!

  8. extremely disgusting.

  9. i disagree with your 9 rating…should be 10.5

  10. Ronald Theriot

    I think they did a good job with this item.

  11. Erik Fraunfelter

    This is crap! Tastes like melted down ginger hard candy soaked in melted sugar and then you dipped a ginger root in it. Not like Canada Dry or Scheweppes at all! Doesn't taste like ginger ale to me.

  12. I think it tastes very strong, I can't really sit down and just drink a few of these in a session. I can sip it over the course of a meal; drinking it on its own tastes like I'm eating straight up ginger at a sushi restaurant, not a very pleasant taste. It does not taste like a Canada dry or anything of that sort. Perhaps not the drink for me, or maybe it's an acquired taste.

  13. I do NOT like beer. At all. But a I love ginger ale and root beer; which I find slightly ironic 🙂 I really like Not Your Father's Root Beer, even though initially it tastes a wee bit Jaegermeistery to me, but I absolutely love their ginger ale, it's so smooth and easy to drink.

  14. Joseph Kennedy (jskennedy19)

    I'm not a fan of ginger and, but a huge fan of that ginger beer stuff they sell in the side aisle at the grocery stores. it has a much more potent ginger flavor and much less of a soda feel. how would you compare this to ginger beer?

  15. I'm a big fan of popular ginger ales like Canada Dry and Schweeps. Would I like this?

  16. Courtney Stohler

    can't wait to try!

  17. My Uncle owns a bar so I was lucky to try Not Your Father's Root Beer. It shocked me wasn't like even drinking a beer, the root beer taste was awesome. I so excited to see that they are making different beers. I also like ginger ale, so I know I would like this. Glad to hear we get that ginger ale spice. Great review

  18. I'm gonna have to try this. I drink ginger ale quite often. great review.

  19. Seems cool.Dude.I might give it a shot.Keep up the awesome ass videos ! : )

  20. I'm guessing you'll be reviewing your Blu Ray porn collection soon? lol jk!

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