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  1. Can someone explain something to me? I'm confused as to when to add the extract exactly. At first I thought you were supposed to bring the water to a boil after steeping the specialty grains and then remove it from the heat source (so the water isn't boiling anymore) and then pour and stir the extract in the hot (but not boiling) water until it dissolved, and then return it to the burner and heat it until it boils. I'm now second guessing myself watching this video again. Is that right or no? And if it is correct how long are you supposed to leave the water boiling before removing it from the heat source and adding the extract?

  2. Does fermenting sugar cause the beer ti carbonate in the bottles? What are the chances the beer bottles will explode? 

  3. This is the most helpful video I have watched. I have been wanting to do this for a year or two now. So much misinformation. I'll be buying from you and following the directions. Thanks for making such a good and straight to the point and informative video. 🙂 Wish me luck! I'm hoping this changes my life for the good!

  4. Jorge Juan Vazquez

    excellent video would you say using a regular burner is essential or can I use an electric burner?

  5. Now i need some mac and cheese!

  6. Rory Gallagherfan

    Nice vid, but, I would like to add my two cents. You should take the temp of the wort, before pitching the yeast. If the wort is too warm, over 80 degrees, the fermentation will take off like crazy, and overflow into your air lock. Too cool, below about 70, and the fermentation will start very slowly, increasing the risk of contamination. Also, important, take a gravity reading when you think the brew is finished fermenting. Two days later, take another reading. If the gravity is unchanged, it is ready for bottling. This will eliminate the risk of exploding bottles.

  7. Rory Gallagherfan

    That boil over made me anxious. I've only has two, in 22 years of homebrewing and that was two, too many. I can still see the stains on my propane cooker from the last boil over; about 15 years ago.

  8. Maybe the comparison between making macaroni and beer should be tea and beer. The bag was like making tea. XD

  9. Aaron Thelip (Aaronthelip)

    Great video but would be even better if you warn people about how much "fun" their first hot break can be and what to look out for.

  10. First, very helpful video!

    Second, the narrator sounds uncannily like Kirk from Gilmore Girls. Does anyone else notice that?

  11. Even though I'm an experienced brewer I found this a good video for beginners. 

  12. very inspiring!!!

  13. Great video and fun to watch. Super informative and I like how you repeat the important tips.
    But the best part…..was at 15:47 when you so totally enjoyed the finished product. I vicariously felt your feeling of accomplishment. Thanks for this!!

  14. Pretty good video. I got my very first batch in the fermenter. I can't wait!

  15. Would putting a hot kettle in ice water warp it at all?

  16. Juan Martínez

    Very good video for begginers (me), cheers!!

  17. Thanks!

  18. Andi Kurniawan

    Like Brewing Beer at Home?

  19. 5:28 dont try this at home..priceless!

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