- in Ginger Beer

Enjoy this recipe for a naturally fermented ginger ale.
*be careful not to ferment too long or it will become alcoholic

Ginger ale starter/bug
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbs ginger
2 cups water

Ginger Ale
8 cups water
1/2 cup lime juice
1tsp molasses
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon or more of ginger
1/2 tsp salt

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  1. Just wanted to jump on here and say THANKS SO MUCH for the awesome video on making homemade gingerale!! I made a batch about a month ago following your direction and it was super-delicious! I am making a second batch this weekend (changing up the recipe a little on this batch) as well as a batch of ginger beer (just received my ginger beer plant in the mail :D).
    Again, I just HAD to jump on here and let you know how much you guys SO inspire me to try new, wonderful, natural things and to be brave and take leaps of faith so that I can live naturally – which is truly awesome.
    Mucho love and good vibes to you both!

  2. Aldrian McCants

    instead of molasses, why not honey


  4. Can you use any type of sugar? Like coconut or date sugar?

  5. Jennifer Russell

    how long do I leave the bug for before making ale. tia. jenn

  6. I am a conservative. Or a libertarian. Why are you so hot?

  7. Hello, Really like and watch all your videos. I was wondering that you are saying that it is fermented. Does that mean its a alcoholic beverage or just carbonated?

  8. Colin Tonkasdad

    great and looks good. so another thing to try , cheers both

  9. Diy's With Sigrid Soto

    will try this

  10. Wow, If I met you in Fallout 4, it would be the most amazing character ever in the game… UHH Bethesda, take a note from this girl vid. Please go work for future Fallout games, so perfect. And I can see the story, I have to go and find the ginger root, come back, fight off raiders, it's just awesome.

  11. you guys are awesome you two
    i love the music in the back ground of this video
    hey, hows frankie doing?–poor little fellah

  12. Static CamperVan

    Fantastic! I was thinking, one could probably use barley malt syrup in place of the molasses.

  13. Got my ginger bug going- make my own kombucha – thought this would be a nice addition❤️

  14. hi, i ferment things
    great recipie
    but today , that top or wrap,,awsome..
    need to have,please

  15. I will have to try this…….thanks

  16. have u tried adding it to a cake or food when cooking?

  17. Thanks for this recipe. What I like about your recipes is that you make things I have never tried before. Also, why do they call it Ginger Bug? I've never thought about making something like Ginger Ale from scratch. This would be a great thing to have around.
    Have a good week you two :)

  18. Sounds like pop rocks

  19. Jason Holdaway

    I need to sharpen you knife for you.

  20. Amandabillings Beam

    Yes I love all the recipes you share thank you so much

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