Mr.Beer Brewing Instructions

Mr.Beer Brewing Instructions

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Mr.Beer Brewing Instructions

The Mr.Beer brewing process, broken down step-by-step.


  1. ive made my beer and bottled it i used the carbonation tabs given with the kit and no carbonation happen i had flat beer im gonna try sugar next batch hoping it will work out better

  2. I noticed that after the yeast is added it did not say to stir vigorously as it did in the older videos. Was that omitted for a reason? Thanks.

  3. Booster is no longer included or necessary with the Mr.Beer kit, so that is why it is no longer in the instructions. If you still have an older kit or refill with booster you can watch our previous instructions labeled: "Mr.Beer 2011 Instructions"

    As to pitching yeast temperature: if you follow the instructions the yeast will be at the proper temperature when you add it to the keg.

  4. seems like you skip a step or two pitching temp and booster

  5. flameshockey26

    You forget to talk about adding the booster

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