Midwest Extract Brewing

Midwest Extract Brewing

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Midwest Supplies employee’s Nick and Todd walk you through the extract brewing process. This video was directed and edited by Kaj Kjellesvig and Don Nguyen of Maraschino Digital Media. Laser etched kettle and glassware were provide courtesy of www.laserpalooza.com.
Please visit http://www.midwestsupplies.com for further information on homebrewing and winemaking, and for a wide selection of homebrewing and winemaking supplies.
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  1. Is it my imagination or were you guys drinking multiple different types of beer during this video?

  2. Omg this is my favorite store in the Twin Cities!  The staff is really helpful even if you're a noob like I was two years ago 😀  Now, I go there to get my grains and yeast and unhoped malt and do my herbal brews and gruit!  It's EASY!!!!

  3. Is that an induction burner they are using?  Which one is it?  Do you sell it at Midwest?

  4. It really depends on the quality of your tap water. For the most part- yes- the boil will kill off a lot of bacteria, but make sure you test your water to determine if you need to add any supplements- most water will work but will differ in hardness/softness. I usually just get 5 gallons of filtered water cheap from the grocery store.

  5. Try their Darkstar burner. It's not tabletop like this one but I really love it!

  6. Hi Redan499!

    Yes, add the priming sugar mixture to the bottling bucket. Your beer will already be in a primary or secondary fermenter depending on if you moved buckets. Your bottling bucket is different from your secondary fermenter. Add the priming sugar mixture into your bottling bucket and then rack the beer from the secondary into the bottling bucket. I hope that clarifies things. If not just PM me!

  7. Newbie here.. I don't quite understand 9:50 to 10:00… "Add the mixture (priming sugar and water) to the bottling bucket, then rack the beer from the secondary into this (bottling) bucket."

    How can you add it to the bottling bucket, then rack it from the secondary (carboy) to bottling bucket? Isn't it already in the bottling bucket? Should you add the mixture first to the secondary, then rack into the bottling?

    Confused. Help!

    Thanks 🙂

  8. You can always use bottled water from the store.

  9. Can't find that burner anywhere on your site..

  10. Nice tip on the rolling pen to crush the grains.

  11. The boil kills bacteria, viruses, wild yeast, etc. Is there any concern about all that stuff in the tap water you use to top off the fermenter? Thanks for the video.

  12. The music is too soothing. I keep falling asleep during the first montage.

  13. Good video

  14. Nice video but I'm not too sure about that bottling wand just laying on the table.

  15. deathrider030675

    Spent grains are usually feed the birds

  16. You are absolutely right, you should take the reading after topping up. It looks like that was missed during proofing.

  17. shouldn't you check the gravity after you top off the fermentor to 5 gals

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