Making naturally fermented ginger ale

Making naturally fermented ginger ale

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Making naturally fermented ginger ale

This video shows how to make naturally fermented ginger ale. It requires starter which I show how to make in a previous step. For more information visit


  1. This is by far the worse info video i have seen and i didn't even finish it you are all correct and when he double dipped that was it for me WOW

  2. would have been nice to tell how much sugar and how much starter "bug'

  3. Wonderful and useful. How many days to set out side?

  4. What is the 'starter'?

  5. Plz continue to experiment with flavors and then plz contact Canada Dry Gingerale Pop company to see if they can market a very healthy carbonated drink for the masses!!!! If you don't live in Canada perhaps some from your Country can assist you!!! Thanks greatly for your Creative Suggestions!!! I have made awesome Ginger Beer before…but, not with kiwi…some you have given me a wonderful idea!!!!!

  6. Awesomely hairy arms. You've got to have some Neanderthal in you somewhere. Not an insult.

  7. Thank you for making a simple and yet direct video on how to make ginger beer! I've watched several videos on how to make it and they friggin' talk too much before they get to the point. You rock. 🙂

  8. Is this alcoholic?

  9. I think there are a lot of bacteria living on the peel so it helps the fermentation work better. I don't think that you need to have the peel on the ginger although I haven't every tried to make ginger ale with peeled ginger.

    The main reason that I haven't peeled the ginger is that it takes more time and is difficult.

    I frequently use non-organic ginger, so that should not be a problem.

    I hope that you have your health improve and that you enjoy the ginger ale.

  10. Maribel Rodriguez

    What is the purpose of the peel? Can I do it with conventional ginger if I can't get the organic? Would if be okay to peel the conventional one. Sorry for so many questions, I'm so new to fermentation and I want to make sure I don't make unintended mistakes. I really need to drink different probiotics per my doctor's orders.

  11. You can fill the jar as full as you wish. It isn't very important.

  12. The ginger is not peeled.

  13. Maribel Rodriguez

    Is the ginger peeled?

  14. Can you not fill the jar to about 3/4 full?

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