Making Ginger Beer Part I

Making Ginger Beer Part I

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Watch this to learn how to make a refreshing, non-alcoholic drink using lacto-fermentation. A healthy replacement for soda pop that even your kids will like!
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  1. Thanks for the quick response,I'll take your advise.

  2. Great video! I want to make my own apple cider vinegar .I have braggs vinegar with the mother,can I take a little start from the braggs and start a new bottle of apple cider vinegar?Thanks ,Mike

  3. Just a quick heads up, lactobacillus is a type of yeast. It's kind of like all toads are frogs but not all frogs are toads. Lactobaccillus is just a type and strain of the general microbe that is yeast.

  4. I want to thank u sooo much for the tip on using a dandelion root, ive been trying and failing at making this for over a year. i cant wait to try it that way, thank u!

  5. Stephen Martin

    I was wondering. You said the bacteria likes to be aerated . Could one pump air into the  mixture to speed up the process?

  6. nathan forrest

    David Duke makes ginger beer.

  7. Good point! Thanks.

  8. Use should use cane sugar at least because it isn't genetically modified

  9. naturalverities

    At 13:26 I state that lactobacillus is aerobic. This is only "temporarily" true. The initial phase of a lactobacillus culture can be aerobic, just as with wine yeast, but the bulk of lactofermentation occurs anaerobically.

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