Make Your Own Brew 001 – Brewing My First Batch Of Beer

Make Your Own Brew 001 – Brewing My First Batch Of Beer

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Make Your Own Brew – Episode 001 “Brewing My First Batch Of Beer”
This is the first of, what I hope to be, many videos about brewing beer. In this video I am making a five gallon batch of beer from an extract kit. The kit is a Brewer’s Best: Vienna Lager that I brewed as an ale.

You can find my Bottling Video here:
and you can find my second brewing video (third brew ever) here:

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  1. he seems so sad :(

  2. Thank you for posting this video, it helped me greatly as Im about to tackle my very first brew also with the same set up you have .

  3. When I steep Specialty Grains on all my extract recipes that call for steeping, I simply let the brew kettle water heat up to 170 Degrees F. Once there I then shut off the heat and gently place in my bag of grains. Let them sit for a half an hour.

  4. shut up and say something. You are rattling on. Are you being payed by the word.

  5. I live right next to what ales ya im on 67th and bell I have tried 2 time both failures I don't know what im doing wrong I would gladly buy you a kit or throw you some cash if you can show me how to do it properly I really want to brew but im having bad luck :(

  6. nice video. how did it turn out? if you recall that far back. im looking at this kit. what do you think?

  7. Ignacio Badiola

    awesome! thanks

  8. Great start, I blame your brothers for not leaving me any for my trip out a few weeks later.

  9. MakeYourOwnBrew

    Thanks for posting. And thanks for the compliment. I have a couple Brewer's Best Kits on deck. Doing the English Brown again… cause it was just so damn tasty, and I am doing a Dunkelweizen. I also have a Cooper's "Lager" that I plan on doing as an Ale. It's a Can kit… so I plan on doing a video on that as well. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss it.

  10. This is one of the best Vid's i'v seen. just getting ready to do my first brew (beer). Thanks For Posting. the kit i got is Brewers Best Black Lager.

  11. I like how you read up on it and got to be an expert before you had any experience. That's sort of what I did. I knew what I was doing long before I ever did it!

    You're very detailed too, which will be helpful for new brewers, and since you're new at it, they will see that it can be done.

    You will want to eventually get a brewfridge with a thermostatic switch to better control the temp of your ferment. My first was in a bath like yours and got up near 75 so there were a lot of fruity esters.

  12. MakeYourOwnBrew

    Thanks! For your comment, for your like and your subscription. You're my first on all three…. um… that sounded weird.
    Anyway, I am looking forward to see how it turns out as well. I think I am about ready to bottle and I'll do a video of that too.

  13. Looking forward to how it turns out for you.

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