Introduction to All Grain Brewing w/ Sam Fonda

Introduction to All Grain Brewing w/ Sam Fonda

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Introduction to All Grain Brewing w/ Sam Fonda.. My good buddy Sam had to film the first brew video.. Glad he did, must mention he is a damn good brewer! (SECTIONS BELOW)

(00:00 – 00:26) Introduction
(00:27 – 00:59) One option for a kettle
(01:00 – 02:07) Sanitizing a kettle
(02:08 – 03:51) Preparing your water
(03:52 – 04:06) Heating your water for mashing
(04:07 – 06:08) Your recipe
(06:09 – 07:52) Temperature for mashing
(07:53 – 09:09) Building a cheap mash tun
(09:10 – 11:08) Preparing for mashing
(11:09 – 13:39) Mashing in
(13:40 – 00:30) Preparing for sparge
(15:06 – 17:41) Preparing your wort with vorlaufing
(17:43 – 18:28) Explaining the sparge process
(18:29 – 18:52) Mashing out
(18:53 – 19:08) Volauf again your sparged wort
(19:09 – 19:43) Start your sparge
(19:45 – 20:14) Preparing your wort
(20:15 – 20:51) Start the boiling
(20:52 – 22:29) Research your recipe (More helpful at the start)
(22:30 – 23:22) Add Bittering hops to the boil
(23:23 – 23:38) Add Bittering hops to the boil
(23:39 – 24:03) Add Flavor hops to the boil
(24:04 – 24:38) Adding your wort chiller to the boil
(24:39 – 24:58) Add Aroma hops to the boil
(24:59 – 26:35) Chilling your wort
(26:36 – 27:06) Keep your wort covered
(27:07 – 27:34) Topping off your primary with wort
(27:35 – 28:20) Talking gravity and efficiency
(28:21 – 29:13) Pitching your yeast
(29:14 – 29:25) Talking primary fermentation
(29:26 – 30:02) Outro

Beer & Wine Hobbies Int’l
Alternative Beverage

Soundtrack: (all rights are reserved by there proper owners)
Blues Brothers – She caught the Katy
Jimi Hendrix – The wind cries mary
John Prine – Illegal smile
Rolling stones – Can you hear me knocking
Steve miller band – The joker
Steve miller band – Threshold jet

Grain Bill:
13LB – American 2-Row
2LB – American Vienna
1LB – Crystal 20L
1OZ – Warrior (60mins) Bittering
.5OZ – Warrior (50mins) Bittering
1OZ – Cascade (30mins)
1 Whirlfloc Tablet (10mins)
1OZ – Citra (2mins)
.5OZ – Cascade (Dry Hop) 7 days in secondary
WLP051 – California Ale V

Filmed & Edited by: Blake Rea
Video Rating: / 5


  1. what size is your mash tun…….5 or 10 gal??

  2. Rick “RKsmithwineandbrew” Smith

    like the shirt!! love me some Sweetwater beers! Great Vid and great music!

  3. David Stevens (dethmetaldave)

    Wow. I was about to complement the soundtrack. Not only have I been beaten to the punch, but it seems to be a hot button topic. A tad hard to focus on the knowledge being shared with all the kick ass tunes playin', but it makes sense to listen to the same music you would drink beer to, when brewing it.

  4. Randall VanScyoc

    Sincerely impressive… Kudos!!

  5. Great instructional, mate. Just need a wort chiller now. Cheers!

  6. Two Dogs Walking

    Great video. Love the music man. Cool combination.

  7. Looking to get more into brewing, so I've been watching a bunch of all – grain videos lately. At the end I saw the promo for Alternative Beverage, which is where I have been slowly picking up brewing items! I live just across the river off Old Dowd!

  8. Awesome video! Have watched it several times getting ready for my first all grain batch. Love the music. What size mash tun do you use? It looks like a 5 gallon one. I am trying to figure out what size I should get.

  9. pretty good video there. :-)

  10. Just replying now, and I have watched this video more than a few times.  I believe this is one of the best all grain intro vids that there are.  I know it was shot some time ago, we learn from the past, right?  Luv the music and the simplicity of your video.  Thank you for this.  Sincerely.  Cheers!

  11. I've seen a few vids on the subject, and this was the simplest one, and best for beginners who haven't tried it yet! Well done

  12. Do some $hit on propagating yeast.

  13. teach us baby maker

  14. Nice detail.  Very helpful.

  15. awesome! thanks

  16. Kevin Plumridge

    Good Video, some explanation to the terms used would be good (as I am a complete beginner here).  In regards to the comments on the music, near the start, it was hard to hear you, but at the end of the video you had the fade in and out down perfectly.  I enjoyed the music, better than empty static when you weren't talking.  Cheers.

  17. Love the tunes. Don't listen to the few whining complainers.
    The music made it more enjoyable to watch for me and
    probably a majority of the other viewers.
    I had no problem hearing you clearly and "concentrating" with the music.
    The mix was good.

  18. Damn, that was entertaining.  Great production, love the soundtrack.  I've seen a few videos on the subject and this is my favourite to day. Cheers! 

  19. Don't you have to be licensed to brew beer or would it be know as moon shine

  20. Great video and even better soundtrack. Love me some John Prine, almost as much as I love beer. 

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