Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

- in Beer Brewing Process

Go behind the scenes in the white house kitchen and see the brewing of President Obama’s homemade beer.

Learn what’s in the recipe:

Photo of Mt. Vernon distillery provided courtesy of Mount Vernon Ladies Association
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  1. Can you make every game free pls

  2. Lol Obama and his cabinet are awesome but you already know they make 40s of that stuff for him

  3. How exactly is he helping our country by having beer made in the white house. I'm a bit confused on him being more interested in helping people over seas but since he's became president not only has he used his power to take private vactions but he's became a model for calvin klein, added useless things in the white house with our tax dollars mind you made it absultly impossible for low class families to get medical care. I thought he was suppose to help us with these issues. Now I'm not so sure the monkey looking jackass is even sober because he has his very own distillery in the white house. And before you call me a racist bitch, I can't be I have colored tv and both my cats are pitch black. I grew up in a neighborhood that was so ghetto no "white" person could go in without leaving with his shoes stolen off their feet just cause they were "outsiders" I have two black twin brothers I grew up around my fiance had no idea before he met them that they were black. I love them so much I looked at them like they were my brothers I didn't see color

  4. Extract beer? What is this, amateur hour?

  5. "making a lot of people happy with this i be so bold, as this relates to agriculture and farming to have "cow cleaning" for interns of farmers and possible creating "new" employment? For reasons such as: leather works, creating better living standards, connecting and understanding foods, a relaxed cow is a happy cow, a happy farmer and happy and relaxed communities as well, a new market, with cow cleaning equips, it's employment!"

  6. Beer for all!

  7. YO BY THE WAY how cool is it that Obama put in the order to have these dudes make beer!

  8. these fools are some kind of expert and I bet they made a good whitehouse beer

  9. Сергей Колоков

    интересно было бы на эту обезьяну бухой поглядеть. синеглот бешенный)))

  10. obama needs something stronger than beer “let him drink some gas ~~

  11. OMG, first, I'm not disputing God's sovereignty. And, your preaching is fine. It's just not appropriate for this thread. Get it? Preaching on a thread about brewing beer is Out of Context and off the subject. Move on because it makes you look stupid.

  12. This is what happens when people who dont know anything about brewing to make a video about brewing.

  13. Gardening is a  art too can use different sugars create different tastes.

  14. Did they top up the secondary with water?

  15. Do Presidents do anything anymore besides making speeches and going on vacations?

  16. Eh, waste of money. The Presidents job is to be an example, and the example he should be setting, is to not drink. Don't drink, don't smoke, don't do drugs, etc. And here we have a President, who admitted to smoking marijuana and sniffing cocaine, admittedly had a bad smoking problem, and brews his own beer in the White House. Somehow I don't think that's the best example to be setting.

    On the good side, it allows regular people to connect with him, to feel like "Hey he's cool, he's one of us. We smoke weed and drink and smoke too, he's a regular guy!" I'm still working on whether that's a compliment or not lol

  17. Start selling white house beer. Send half the proceeds to help out Ukranians….I'll be waiting for my job offer white house…

  18. Wait, he said that the beer was distilling. That is not correct. You don't distill beer. He also said "settlement" instead of "sediment". I'm a brewer, in case you didn't guess :)

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