Inside Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale Factory | food.curated. | Reserve Channel

Inside Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale Factory | food.curated. | Reserve Channel

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food.curated. dives into the world of Bruce Cost, founder of Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale. Creating his ginger ale straight from fresh ginger out of China, Cost gives people a ginger ale more along the lines of a tea than a soda. The unfiltered result is a fresh, organic beverage that is sure to please.

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Inside Bruce Cost Fresh Ginger Ale Factory | food.curated. | Reserve Channel”


  1. I don't think this contains any alcohol, so why we're they comparing it to alcohol?

  2. he said he imports the ginger from China, they make the syrup and ginger ale in Brooklyn, and ships it to the bottling factory in Pennsylvania. That hardly constitutes it as an operation based out of China. I don't see anything wrong with that as China has some of the best ginger. 

  3. oh good i'm glad the well-designed packaging and friendly demeanor of the owner are enough to make up for the fact these workers are probably drastically underpaid and there's no way this guy based his operation out of china "just cuz"

  4. CanadianBullFrog

    I bought three bottles of this in Humboldt, Saskatchewan and I want to buy a case in Red Deer, Alberta.

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