How to Make Soda: Ginger Beer Recipe Part 1

How to Make Soda: Ginger Beer Recipe Part 1

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How to Make Soda: Ginger Beer Recipe Part 1 Part 1 of 2. Featuring our great ginger beer recipe, this video teaches how to make soda. Make your own soda using our own soda recipe. This ginger ale recipe will teach how to make your own pop.


  1. Hi its been 5 days and no fizz?? did you forget to mention other ingredient please? thanks

  2. Would there be a problem putting the hot mixture into a pyrex pitcher, putting the cold water into the fermentation vessel, then pouring the hot mixture in?

  3. stick the ginger in his mouth so we can actually learn something

  4. I wish I could just mute the cameraman. He makes the video so frustrating.

  5. I was referring to your recipe, for the lacto basili. The second attempt worked out well, which I made 3 gallons of ginger beer. I used 6 oz grated ginger, brought to a boil, simmered for 30 min then added 1.5 c sugar. I let ferment 2 days, bottled and lasted 25 days or so. I switched to Demerara sugar (Florida Crystals) and now fermenting in just 4 days.
    Thank You very much !!

  6. I followed your recipe exactly, after 7 days no definitive fermentation. I used 3 oz of ginger in the half gallon, I could barely taste the ginger. I added another 3 oz, and even then, I still  barely taste the ginger. It has been 2 days in the bottle, still no fermentation. this is the finish product.
    I see what your scale reads, yet it appears to be more ginger than what your scale reads.

  7. cheskydivision

    Camera guy: Shut Up

  8. Smallpotato1965

    Argh! Dude! Stop interrupting her!!! Especially since you keep asking her questions about things she was *just* trying to tell anyway!

  9. Stephanie Penglase

    You must try this recipe!

  10. Stephanie Penglase

    I'm going to get this recipe a 10 out of 10! I'm actually drinking it now! I added extra ginger and kinda did my own thing with the recipe. Hands down the best ginger beer we've ever had. I was concerned with it in the jar sitting out for 3 days stirring it because it wasn't fizzing like the soda cultures were. I bottled it after 3 days and after 4 days of being in the bottle I popped it open and we've been addicted ever since… Delicious fizz… Ginger ale from the stores just doesn't compare!

  11. Thank you! 🙂

    You can find our root beer recipe at our LearningHerbs website. Select "Skills and Recipes" from the left-hand column, then "Root Beer Recipe" from the right column. (I'd put the web address here but YouTube doesn't allow me to.)

  12. Great video, thanks for posting it! Personally, I love the interaction between these two. I'm always thinking up questions while watching videos and several times you asked the exact question I was wanting to ask!

    I've been looking for a good ginger beer recipe and this sounds great. I've just started the culture, so we'll know for sure a little later on.

    I'd sure love to get your Root Beer recipe! Been looking for a good one of those, too!

  13. I love that the camera man asks so many questions. You guys are very detailed in your explaining down to the metal spoon in the jar! Thanks!!!!

  14. Top tip, if they use chlorine rather than fluoride in your tap water, your can quickly remove it by dissolving 0.1 g per litre of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The reaction takes 4 minutes and it also removes the chloramines.

  15. Mergatroid Skittle

    dawww! Y'all are so cute

  16. Surinder Kumar

    Nice video but very annoying camera man !!!!!!!! He should shut …..

  17. @isurelike I think the "camera guy" is her husband judging from his voice – think he is the mountainherbs guy John Gallagher and her name Kimberly Gallagher and the way they are relating to one another – so I just kind of discounted the whole questioning thing. Strange things happen with couples.

  18. Ginger beer is evil! I took one sip thinking it was ginger ale and I spit it out and my gums were killing me all week!

  19. @efoiv because I'm too lazy to use calculators, but I was just trying to be funny… 😉

  20. can anyone tell me what this sound is lol. 8:29

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