How To Make Root Beer Cookies

How To Make Root Beer Cookies

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Soft, chewy, and delicious!! Learn how to make root beer cookies.

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  1. Boboy Del Rosario

    Can I use stand mixer for this

  2. Pineapple cookies

  3. can u replace the root bear with a different soda?

  4. I dare you to make halo-halo cookies~

  5. i made this just now…honestly it tasteless to me…and it kind of chewy…

  6. looking…i should try to baking it tomorrow too!and it's monday as well~ :D

  7. Uchechi Ezengwa

    Can you make me a cake and cookies for my birthday 

  8. Your website says 12 teaspoons of baking soda. I just made a terrible batch of cookies.

  9. Neamat Abdelkader


  10. Neamat Abdelkader

    Thanks so mush . I will try it.

  11. Christina Nguyen

    Could we add more root beer?

  12. Can you make a lava cake?

  13. The Divine Hostess

    Whoa. I need to buy root beer extract! Yummy

  14. kotomi Yamamoto

    Hi can you make Reese's peanut butter cookies for cookie Monday 

  15. Make lemon cookies please if u haven't already!!!! Or simple oatmeal cookies

  16. Those look sooo good!!! I love your videos and love baking! Thanks for the awesome videos and recipes:) oh and next cookie Monday you should make PB and J cookies;)

  17. Hi just wanna ask ,if we don't want to use root beer can we use other soda like coke ?:)

  18. Ummmm plzzzz cluster pie

  19. Coco's Simply Cooking

    cute idea!! also i love u r owl measuring spoon!!  so cute! :-)

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