How to make homemade Ginger Beer

How to make homemade Ginger Beer

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Kate’s blog: Today kate and the kids make home made Ginger Beer, or Ginger Ale. This simple recipe is a tasty drink that is sure to quench your thirst.
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  1. Why put it under the sun not room temperature? 

  2. Is the lemon necessary?

  3. KatesKenyanKitchen

    I think that is a fantastic idea, and I would love to hear your results! Give me feedback if you decide to experiment with it. I might give it a try, too. I don't see why it would't work. I don't understand exactly how would do the sourdough yeast, though. I'm curious. Please explain.

  4. Can I use honey instead of sugar and sourdough yeast instead of instant one, to make it more natural?

  5. KatesKenyanKitchen

    Yes, Ken. Normal bread making yeast.

  6. Yeast? Is this bread making yeast or a special kind?

  7. Nice

  8. yeast gives the "bubbles" because it is releasing co2 and making alcohol. Let it ferment for two weeks and you will have actual ginger beer 

  9. Hi. Did you use yellow and green lemons?

  10. Kalana Piramanage

    what r u saying

  11. Kalana Piramanage

    is this wine or ginger beer because it has yeast

  12. Kalana Piramanage

    is this wine or yeast

  13. How can you leave it in the sun for more than 48 hours?

  14. TheKontrolledGaming

    The things I would do to you

  15. God, she's beautiful. I want to do yoga with her and then we can eat some brown rice and quinoa after. 🙂

  16. That is so cute. What are you exactly living in Kenya for? 🙂 are you a missionary?

  17. That is so c

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