How to make home made Kefir Ginger Ale – YUM!!

How to make home made Kefir Ginger Ale – YUM!!

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Join Will with Teaming with Nature in his probiotic kitchen as he walks you through the simple process of how to make your own probiotically alive, lacto fermented, delicious kefir ginger ale. The video covers not only how to make this delicious, nutritious tonic, but also shares a bit about why drinking lacto fermented beverages is so great for our immunity. We welcome questions!


  1. I just tasted my first batch of ginger ale. I had to make the wort first. In the second stage I added juice from one lemon, lime and a handful or wild raspberries. It is excellent. Since ingredients can be varied a little each batch will be a taste adventure. If I ever run in to turmeric root I shall try that as well.

  2. TeamingWithNature

    Hmm, you'll have to experiment. I don't have experience using powdered turmeric. I'm sure it can be used. I would start with very little (maybe 1/4 teaspoon) and see how the kefir grains like it. Really, the game is balancing between making a brew that is good for you, tastes good and the kefir grains will help make for you to drink. If the turmeric is too strong, I question whether the grains would just stop working.

    Well water is ok, just watch for fluoride and other nasties…

  3. TeamingWithNature

    Although 'better' is a judgment call, in my opinion, yes, milk kefir grains are better than water kefir, only because milk kefir provides more benefit (again from my perspective) than does water kefir. That said, both are beneficial for regular consumption to navigate to greater health and vitality.

    Thanks for asking!

  4. Turmeric root not available. Can I use powdered and how much. My well water has a high mineral content.

  5. Johannes Romanides

    are milk-kefir (grains), better than water-kefir (tibicos)?

  6. TeamingWithNature

    Thanks for the kind words. If I found myself in India and needed kefir grains :), I would go to westonaprice(dot)org and look for a local chapter and ask the chapter leader for an idea where I could get them. There is a company culturesforhealth(dot)com who ships here in the USA. Not sure if they ship internationally.

    I hope this helps!

  7. Aniruddh K Deshpande

    Hi, Very informative video. Enjoyed watching.I am from India. Nobody eats kefir here. So, how to get the first kefir grains ? … Aniruddh, Mumbai

  8. TeamingWithNature

    Hi Caroline,

    the ingredients are:
    kefir grains, some honey (or quality sugar), ginger root, turmeric (good but not necessary), a piece of coral, lemon or lime (one is fine), filtered water (no chlorine or fluoride). I think that is it. Please email if you would like more information.

    Hello Netherlands! 🙂

    to your health!

  9. Can you give me the ingrediënts step by step? I come from the Netherlands and I don't understand everything on your video. I see that you use gingerroot. But what is that otther root you use? And can you only use lemon instead of both lemon and liime? Because I am not sure of I can buy lime. Wiaiting for your answer. Greetings, Caroline.

  10. TeamingWithNature

    Thank you for the kind comments.

    To your health!

  11. TeamingWithNature

    We actually ship coral calcium all over to folks like you who want to get some. Please email me at teamingwithnature(at)yahoo(dot)com if you would like more info about us shipping you some coral.


  12. TeamingWithNature

    Yeah, it sounds like you are off on your own fun journey with kefiring in your kitchen! 🙂 Remember that it's pretty hard to mess it up. Just stick with the basics at first. Once you can produce a consistent drink (that you enjoy hopefully), then begin with the chemistry/biology lab experiments! 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  13. TeamingWithNature

    Yes, kefir does produce a little alcohol, just like other lacto fermented products. Here's the rub… Everything in moderation, right? A little alcohol especially combined with probiotic bacteria and yeasts acts as a solvent/carrier into the system. The devil's in the details however. Rather than being a high alcohol content, kefir is probably .5 – 1% alcohol. So, there's no buzz other than your cells ringing to a higher vibration of health!

  14. TeamingWithNature

    You definitely can! However, I don't think water kefir would 'go off' with honey as the sugar (given the natural anti microbial nature of honey). From our experience, water kefir are kind of 'wimpy' compared to milk kefir. That said, we now make our ginger ale using water kefir as we like the flavor better! 🙂

    Try it with honey and water kefir and let us know how it goes!

  15. I really enjoyed this and all the info you provide. Cant wait to try this it sounds easier than making a culture which takes 7 days and so on. I wondered if I could do a version with the kefir grains happy to find out I can. I have water kefir grains already so I will try this with water kefir grains. thanks again for all you do

  16. Interesting but why don't you use just normal (Ginger) Water Kefir?

  17. hippeebigbuckle

    Thanks for the help. So it curdled & ½ the water evaporated. I read it’s still usable, just shake. Also more yeast flavor, does that mean alcohol? I heard commercial can’t have yeast. My recipe called for probiotics & Maple syrup powder, which I can’t find anywhere since the cat stepped on the computer. I think it just processed quicker because of it, so I should have checked on it sooner or stuck to the original recipe.

  18. TeamingWithNature

    @hippeebigbuckle I think it all will be ok. Give it a try and let us know here! After all, we're all in this together and learning from the experiences on each other helps all involved!

    Enjoy the wonderful world of home made kefiring!

    To your health!

  19. hippeebigbuckle

    I just made coconut water kefir & coconut meat yogurt w/the pkg. grains (I didn't know there was a choice when I asked). I got everything in jars and realized having used the Vitamix blender to pour (I broke my glass meas. cup) it had a metal blade in it, & I had the canning lid on the jar & shook it before remembering the coffee filter lid. I think the Vitamix blade steal so I may be ok but I see you aren't concerned with a metal lid touching kefir grains, so do you think I’ll be okay?

  20. TeamingWithNature

    @veganrexia I'm not sure about the manuka honey. As honey is antibacterial by nature anyway, the manuka will simply make the honey more antibacterial. As it is with the honey, the kefir grains do 'give up' after 8-10 batches. The same will occur with manuka honey. Give it a try and let us know here how it works! 🙂

    If you email me through youtube I will give you a contact for coral calcium. I prefer the mineral matrix in coral from the ocean over egg shell.

    To your health!

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