How to make home brew ginger beer – about 17% ABV and 30p a pint!

How to make home brew ginger beer – about 17% ABV and 30p a pint!

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This is ridiculously strong homebrew. Probably around 17% ABV, so be careful drinking it – think of it as fortified wine (ie sherry or port) and dont blame me if you get very pissed very quickly, or go blind, or do stupid stuff etc.
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  1. Make. Ginger beer

  2. you've gotta love the description! HAHAH

  3. +Simon Early can i make a batch of ginger and lemon mulch and freeze it for another day ,cheers

  4. +Simon Early do you need to top up the airlocks if they go dry

  5. Been looking for the right yeast for the ginger beer and came across this one on the link is below

    I didn't know if there was a certain brand you recommended for the yeast?

  6. been brewing the ginger ale a week,if its hissing does it mean its still fermenting, not sure if i spoilt the brew along the fermenting process

  7. +Simon Early can you brew them in 6 pinter milk cartons, and whats the best temp to ferment them

  8. Thanks so much! My sweetie and I made three gallons of this, it finished today and as we bottled it, we had a few shots – and yes, we're tipsy! It is also delicious! We are starting another batch today! Keep it up brother!

  9. Thanks again the Wine came out delicious. I have to say though, it's a little bitter on the palate, mostly in the after taste. I feel as though I could have cut my zest in half. Next time I will probably juice me Lemons and add back half the zest. I do like the zest though it really helps mask the raw alcohol flavor…

  10. Hey Simon I just did some Math and I have to suggest that there is no way we can reach 17% with only one pint of sugar per gallon. The basic PA calculation suggests that 2 pounds [two pints] would be needed to reach 12 and 3 pints of sugar per gallon to hit 17. Here's the chart I was looking at… By the Way I just broke down and tried some and I see filtering is going to be a dilemma. However, this stuff is absolutely delicious! P.S. I am going to add another 2 lbs of sugar to bring my total to 6 lbs for 3 gallons of brew hoping to hit 13%…

  11. Simon Says don't bottle it Early; but what about all this sediment — and I don't mean sentiment cause I aint got much of that. I got one of those funnels with the removable built in filters but I got a 3 gallon glass carboy with no siphon. I got one of those orange caps with two spouts and think I'll just bottle it by hand pouring the damn thing probably strain me back doing so…

  12. Hi There my Must Cap is down to about an inch; and idea how long after the cap dissolves the bubbling will cease and me can bottle up my piss juice thanks… I've been patient; my average fermentation temperature has been around 64 but I decided not to use a heat mat after reading that higher fermentation temperatures can lead to fusels?

  13. Well I won't panic and buy some peptic enzymes then… Thanks again for your time and sharing policy…

  14. I know I'm coming accross as a total div but what's the best way to sterilize second hand demijohns?

  15. Hey Simon I've got my first batch going and am excited. However, I also added a couple of cans of Papaya packed in Pineapple Juice. I noticed some recipes called for Pineapple Juice and noticed that some people make Papaya Wine which has naturally occurring Depectinizer enzymes… Anyway my concern is that there is a floating mass of what looks like pulp with bubbles blowing though it. IT seems to be gradually breaking up and settling to the bottom; is this normal. This technique due to no removal of pulp seems to leave a lot of mass of crap floating around. Should I be worried?

  16. I need to try this. Do you have a recipe for a homemade hangover remedy? 

  17. I've been searching everywhere for info on ALCOHOLIC ginger brew– I've been making soda and lighter beer for awhile, the trick seems to be in the longer ferment, yeah? Thanks for this tutorial! Super helpful.

  18. Can you please tell me if the Honey slows down the Fermentation. Because I would rather wait less than three weeks to bottle. Thanks… My understanding was that Honey can do that…

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