How to make great tasting beer at home.

How to make great tasting beer at home.

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Coopers DIY Beer is the easiest and most rewarding DIY project you’ll ever do. Easy to make and even easier to drink. Just follow the simple instructions on this video and you’ll be making great tasting beer in no time. For more information go to

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  1. To all those who are wondering about the fermentation temp of this brew should not as the kit comes with Ale yeast and not Large yeast

  2. Louis van der Berg

  3. Is it ok to add the drops in the bottles first? Then cap once you have the all the bottles full? 

  4. This looks gross

  5. herpderpmonkey

    whats the point of that hydrometer? To see how fast or slow the fermentation is since it'll create pressure at the bottom?

  6. Harry Nicholson

    Best video ever.

  7. Rasel nn. centry

    Beer is the best source of orhosilicic acid(silica) need for flexibile bone,hair,tissue which concetration drop with age. 1l beer contain abot 50mg silica.But carefully brewed from barley contains the NDMA, which is hepatotoxicant

  8. jabestheshed09

    i made a coopers pilsner in early January, cold crashed it after 14 days and bottled it 5 weeks later, good as any pub lager..

  9. Jonathan Small

    I have one more doubt. How exactly do you deal with sediments during the priming period? Or aren't there any noticeable sediments in this?

  10. I drink Coopers Dark Ale, Extra Stout, Sparkling Ale and a couple of other in the Coopers range.
    But now it's time to make it myself.
    Bye Bye commercial beer – Hello home brew :-)

  11. ig:jack_thrillaa

    A month project

  12. Where can I buy that same brew kit?

  13. Why do you ask people to brew the lager at 21-27… If you start doing any research, youll find you want lagers closer to 10-18'C, and keep it in the primary fermentor atleast 14 days.. so why waste time checking your gravity it at day 6. Luckily when I bought your coopers kit.. I disregarded you instructions. I followed other home brewers instructions meanwhile a friend follow yours… Mine turned out excellent, his… Well he brewed around 25C and the lager produced alot of esters. His beer tasted like shit compared to mine.

  14. EpicHeavyStuff

    Fast easy

  15. Thomas Andersson

    nice …taste good!

  16. Joylynn Matheson

    Best fermenting vessel made. Sure wish you could buy the JUST the vessels by themselves. 

  17. So they didn't talk about sanitizing your bottles or any of the other equipment on bottling day and you should probably take the first hydrometer reading prior to pitching your yeast besides that seems like a good starter kit but sanitation is key.

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