How to Make Ginger Syrup – Perfect for Homemade Ginger Ale

How to Make Ginger Syrup – Perfect for Homemade Ginger Ale

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Forget Canada Dry Ginger Ale and make your own with fresh, homemade Ginger Syrup. It will elevate your Moscow Mule, Rye Buck, Dirty Shirley, Chuflay, Horse’s Neck, Dark N’ Stormy or whatever Buck you wanna throw its way. The syrup is also a key component to the Penicillin and the Khing & I.

I love Fentiman’s, Fever Tree and Bundaberg ginger beer, but making a soda with sweet ginger juice is on another level. I realize this is not Ginger Beer and it is not as sweet as old-school Ginger Ale (as opposed of the artificially-caramel-flavored swill in a can that Canada Dry calls “ginger ale”), but what it lacks in fresh yeast and sugar, it makes up for in spice. This pairs well with a lot of spirits to make great highballs, but, in particular, the added spiciness really compliments Rye.

As a syrup on its own, it’s one half of the sweetener used in the modern classic cocktail, the Penicillin. This is often a misused ingredient. If it’s made with ginger juice and simple syrup, the ginger flavor is too thin tasting. When made with granulated sugar stirred into the ginger juice, it’s the perfect combination to spicy and sweet. This syrup is also heavily featured in the Thai spiced rum cocktail from Pok Pok called, the Khing & I.

If it’s not sweet enough for you, just add a little more sugar to make it to your liking. I prefer it on the spicier side, but I know that level of spice is not for everyone. I’d say, start at 4:3, ginger to sugar, try it in some drinks and adjust the next batch it from there. You may surprise yourself.

I made a large batch because I have so many uses for it, but if feel free to make a smaller batch, especially considering how much effort it takes to get the juice out of the ginger.

The effort it takes to get the juice out, is the part that really makes this an above average challenge compared to other syrups. If you have a juicer, it’s no problem. A food processor is a little harder and dicing it takes even more elbow grease, but once you get that spicy nectar, you’ll forget all about how hard it was. Enjoy!

4 parts Ginger Juice
3 parts Granulated Sugar

Extract the juice from 1 pound of Ginger. This should yield approx. 1 Cup (236 ml) of Ginger Juice. Stir in 0.75 Cup (177 ml) of Sugar. Bottle and store in the fridge.

Homemade Ginger Ale Recipe:
1-1.5 oz (30-45 ml) Ginger Juice
0.25 oz (7 ml) Lime Juice
6-8 oz (177-236 ml) Soda Water

Build over ice in a collins glass. Optionally, serve with a straw.

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  1. Good video but for us that aren't yanks could you please also include the Imperial and Metric instead or as well.

    The reason behind my request is only the USA and Liberia use "cups" as measurement and the other 194 countries don't, it would save us time so we don't have to consult a conversion guide.

  2. The first ginger syrup recipe I found was in "The Bar Book" by Jeffrey Morgenthaler. It's so easy and quick that I never searched for another recipe since then. This one is very, very close. The main difference is that in the book he suggests adding the sugar and equal amount of hot water along with the ginger chunks in the blender. Yet the result looks pretty the same and tastes very satisfying. The ginger syrup is quite a useful ingredient for a range of cocktails.
    The only annoying thing is that the ginger starch stubbornly settles and sticks to the bottom of the bottle. And I'm often hesitant whether to shake it well so it is present in the cocktail (gives some additional body, which for non clear cocktails might be sometimes desired) or just leave it settle down and make me a more spicy ginger ale with the final quantities, since the fizziness of the soda water facilitates the dissolving of the starch.

  3. the music is too loud i can barely hear you speak!

  4. Just made this syrup with a juicer I borrowed from a friend. It turned out great, but man, you really should point out that this is damn near impossible without a juicer. Like you said, ginger doesn't want to give up its juice – but that's an understatement! Doing it by hand would be torture.

    I'll echo what another commenter said: I think this syrup is spicy enough to make a great moscow mule (when combined with seltzer water). I'm going to add more sugar to mine, though – I think that will help it last longer and I can use less when mixing in cocktails.

    Thanks for the inspiration as always!

  5. Dude, your voice is the deal!

  6. thepackofwasabibeans

    So simmering it all in a pot is not necessary?

  7. might want to lower the music a touch, have some problems hearing you clearly.

  8. Such a professional video! Great work!

  9. mic level too low.

  10. Is there something I can do to make this last longer, or so that I don´t have to refridgerate it?

    Like boiling it up once?

  11. How long will this keep in the fridge?

  12. how would this do replacing the ginger beer in a Dark'n Stormy?

  13. You just described everything I love about ginger.

  14. Could you use this in a mule instead of ginger beer?

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