How to Make Ginger Beer – Only 3 ingredients!

How to Make Ginger Beer – Only 3 ingredients!

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Ginger, sugar and lemons. That’s all you need to make ginger beer at home. Ok, you’ll need water too, but it still amazes me that I can make my own ginger brew at home with such quotidian ingredients. And you don’t need much special equipment besides a handy bottle capper and a good microplane.

Ginger beer, if you’ve never had it before, is an effervescent drink made from a mixture of ginger and syrup. It is nonalcoholic, like root beer. It’s bubbly like a soda, but its carbonation comes from fermentation. Over the course of a few days, you can easily turn some grated ginger, sugar and water into an active bug that will transform a ginger syrup mixture into the special drink that it is.

Links for the bottle capper:

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  1. Please do not fermented it in sealed glass bottles! The fermentation can generate enough CO2 to make your bottles explode. Old plastic soda bottles are much safer and you can vent off the excess gases before bottling your product 

  2. Hello! I've been making ginger beer for awhile now. lately my ginger bug has stopped fizzing, and now taste vinegary!? Do I need to start the bug over, or is there something I can do to get it back to its original state?

  3. Hi, i am from soviet union Russia, write please recipe. I bad understand english  on rumour. thank you big, with russia with love))))))))))))))))))))

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  5. Thank you. :D

  6. Hike with Mike

    this was totally awesome!!!! Definitely going to try this love Ginger Beer…didnt know it was so easy…..where do you get the bottle caps and bottle capper?

  7. Daylight Disinfectant

    Four ingredients.

  8. may i know how many percent of alcohol would be there in the finished product?


    Nice video. Now are they kid friendly?

  10. This person NEVER answers your questions….so don't waste your time.

  11. has  the ginger skin got natural

  12. hey babe I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, love the canadian accent, I HAVE GROWN THE BUG HOW LONG DOES IT LAST, CAN I FREEZE IT

  13. once you bottle it, how long will it last?

  14. I think you better let everything cool down before you pitch your bug/ yeazt—- otherwise dead bug!

  15. inno Kal the yeast comes from the skin of the Ginger root, that is why you do not clan the skin off the ginger

  16. How much yeast did you put? Or bug? I'm just concerned about the bottle popping if I make one

  17. I've heard the bakers yeast causes candida, I think that's why the natural yeast is harvested to avoid using the bread yeast. But to each there own.

  18. Kasper Totland

    Wtf is a bug? Is that instead of beer yeast?

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