How to make Ginger Beer – easy peasy recipe

How to make Ginger Beer – easy peasy recipe

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ingredients and demonstration of ginger beer making – for 2.5 litres of ginger beer: zest and juice of 4 lemons; dessert spoon dry ginger; finger of grated ginger root; teaspoon of yeast with teaspoon sugar; 1 1/2 cups of honey or sugar.
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  1. Making this today! Thanks!

  2. Cheers. Can't wait to give this a go.

  3. Hi, I just use the same yeast as I use for bread making

  4. Hello mate, which yeast do you use? I hear that you need to use brewers yeast. Or can I just use yeast I use for bread?

  5. – sorry, I'm not an expert on fermentation but there is a useful answer in this thread from 'saabcrow' 11 months ago which appears to explain all about the fermentation process – hope that helps,

  6. Any idea what the alcohol content of this is?

  7. I think my accent is a bit of a mongrel accent really. I did live in Horncastle for four years in my early childhood so you are probably right (brought up on a diet of sugarbeet that fell from the overloaded lorries speeding on their way to the sugar processing factory at Bardney)

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    ….. ahhh, the good old days

  8. Do i detect a lincolnshire accent?

  9. Why are people like the idiot 1GodOnlyOne who wrote a negative comment below such low class? Why the foul language? I don't believe "God" wants you to talk in that manner. Use what little brain you have left & learn to talk or write politely. The gentleman making the video is wonderful, he explains everything very nicely & if "you" The 1GodOnlyOne think you can do better then get you own channel & make your own videos don't bash others try to learn kindness….if it's in you to do so.

  10. Hi, I've just 'googled' what the optimum temperature is for yeast to ferment and it appears to be between 30 degrees centigrade and 38 degrees – which, in Egypt, is probably cooler than normal air temperature and hotter than an air-conditioned room ….. so I'm not sure where you should leave it to ferment ..

  11. Thank you for your answer- the problem is I live in Egypt so 'room temperature' is hot hot hot. An AC room maybe? Thanks again.

  12. – just leave it somewhere at room temperature so the yeast continues fermenting; once the gases have built up, I release the pressure from the bottle, re-cap it and then store the bottle in the fridge – which slows down the fermentation process. I have kept a bottle for up to a couple of weeks in the fridge and it remains drinkable.

  13. This might seem a silly question but in the 1- 3days where you leave it to ferment do you leave it out on the counter or in the fridge? Also, how long does it last after it's ready? Thanks.

  14. Anything that tastes sweet is a sweetener you fucking retard.

  15. I don't know if your trolling me or is that you can't figger out how to use Google.

    Google sweeteners first link "Sugar substitute – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"
    Also still don't believe me replace your sugar or honey with another "sweetener" in your next home brew and see the results. Try splenda or Canderel

  16. Sugar and honey are sweeteners.

  17. More sugars, aka sugar and Honey, the yeast will eat this to make alcohol and reproduce.

  18. Sweeteners are Sugar Replacements, they have no sugar in them. Which is what the yeast use to my alcohol.
    You would use Sweeteners if when bottling a brew it was too bitter for your liking. Because it will make things sweetener but will not cause the yeast to create more alcohol.

  19. Don't you think that sugar and honey are sweeteners?

  20. Ahh "sweetener" will not make it stronger, you need to add more sugars, (sugar or honey something like that)

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