How To Make Ginger Ale

How To Make Ginger Ale

- in Ginger Beer

30 ounces of Ground ginger root (we peel ours).
2 pounds of sugar
6-8 ounces of fressh squeezed and strained lemon juice

Start heating about 1/2 to 3/4 gallon of water.
Add sugar and dissolve.
Once sugar is dissolved, add ground ginger.
Continue to heat to 170 degrees.
Kill heat, cover and let steep for one full hour.
Chill solution in ice bath until 70-75 degrees.
Strain ginger solution into pitcher and transfer to a keg until you collect 3 gallons.
Add lemon juice.
Purge oxygen with CO2.
Leave CO2 on keg at 30 psi for 2-3 full days.
Chill and serve off first 1/2 pint or so to clear.
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  1. 1 kilo of sugar? are you mad ?

  2. Daylight Disinfectant

    What a PIA.  And God that music was annoying.

  3. I don't know if you answered it yet, but have you tried to run the ginger through a Juiceman to get ALL the juice out with 0 pulp? Thanks in advance>

  4. Thank you!!! Sometimes I think i am being too anal about that but personally I don't think you can be too careful with sanitizing. Doesn't take much more time for the peace of mind. Cheers!

  5. Love that you take sanitation serious. Nothing worse than a funky batch of any brew.

  6. You are welcome! Cheers.

  7. Rodolfo Kintanar

    I like the informative video. Thank you!

  8. No I have not.

  9. So not that much different for Birch Beer or Root Beer then? Have you mad any of the other types of "root" sodas?

  10. madisonelectronic

    The Three Stooges always put the yeast in.

  11. You gotta to love Pat Benatar playing in the background, "Love is a Battlefield"

  12. This was doesn't seem to ferment out. I had one batch that we used all natural sugar and let it sit on CO2 for over a week at 75F degrees or so and it fermented into Ginger beer.

  13. Is ginger ale fermented

  14. GingeraleGamers

    I love gingerale

  15. Ha! "Love is a battlefield…" in the background. Good stuff.

  16. Dominik Doherty

    oh right im new to brewing ginger beer and i thought you still used yeast for ginger ale

  17. Doesn't need it. I am not trying to make Ginger Beer, just regular Ginger Ale.

  18. Dominik Doherty

    why didnt you put any yeast in ?

  19. Yes. I would say a little less ginger, a tad more water, more lemon, more sugar.


    I went ahead, tried to convert to 5gal and brewed up a batch. it's currently charging on the CO2, I'll let you know how it comes out. If I wanted a more modern, "mass-market" style ginger ale with a light ginger flavor do you think I ought to add less ginger? more sugar? more citrus? Thanks for all your help!

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