How To Make Ginger Ale Using A Ginger Bug

How To Make Ginger Ale Using A Ginger Bug

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How To Make Ginger Ale Using A Ginger Bug

Homemade, fizzy ginger ale is easy to make with a ginger bug soda starter. As a bonus, it’s packed with probiotics that are amazing for your digestive health. A perfect alternative for anyone trying to cut back on unhealthy, sugary sodas.

Homemade Probiotic Ginger Ale
Makes 1 quart – recipe can be doubled or tripled

1 quart chlorine free water
1/3 cup grated fresh ginger (you can leave skin on)
2 teaspoons molasses
1 lime or lemon – grated zest and juice
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 cup active ginger bug

In a pot combine water, ginger, molasses and lime or lemon zest. Cover and bring to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Turn off heat and add sugar, lime or lemon juice and salt. Stir to completely dissolve sugar and allow to cool 10 minutes. Strain wort through a sieve, then strain again through a coffee filter or a few layers of cheesecloth. Allow to cool completely and add ginger bug. Pour into glass swing top bottles or plastic bottles with screw tops. Fill 2/3 – 3/4 full. Close bottle(s) and allow to ferment in a warm place 2-3 days. (If kitchen is cool, it may take 5-6 days.) Burp bottles every 8 hours to avoid excess gas build up which may cause your bottle to explode. When fully carbonated, refrigerate and enjoy! The longer it sits, the less sweet it becomes–but it won’t last long!
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  1. Another item that works great for fine filtering but is WAAY faster than a coffee filter is a milk filter. You can get them at any farm supply store. They are amazing. I just press mine into a regular funnel making a cone shape with the filter and pour my liquids through.

  2. When I burp mine a ton bubbles come from the bottom creating lots of gas. Is it okay to close the lid on it again after a few seconds like you did? Or does that build up too much gas after closing it on all those bubbles?

  3. Please explain abt the sea salt because many clips I have seen have no salt added thanx …..(",)

  4. JodiLove Jarvis

    I took your advice and I tried the lemon/lime soda pop first.  I made a rather large batch of the ginger bug and it turned out great – saying the smell would be sweet was good. As I watched for it to become nice and bubbly, I also kept smelling it, it was a nice and sweet smell. I ended up making two gallons worth (using organic ingredients). It was terrific and now I am back to try the Ginger Ale. Thank You again for making this process, one that was so much fun. I like ginger but was a little apprehensive of trying the ginger bug – I knew it was a Healthy choice but didn't know what the end product would be like – It was Terrific ! I also will check out some of your other videos – the caramels look delicious:)

  5. brennan Cummings


  6. brennan Cummings

    does it contain alcohol

  7. adventurecraig

    Subscribed :)

  8. JodiLove Jarvis

    I really like this video – Thank You for being so thorough – you answered all of the questions I have had about making the ginger bug ie… will it make the soda fizzy, how to keep the ginger bug going and amounts. I will be starting my ginger bug then making your recipe for the Ginger Ale. Good Filming as well – loved seeing the process !!!

  9. Farhan chowdhury

    your voice is annoying

  10. the only thing i dont like about this method is that your forced to put them in fridge for storage instead of room temp in a corner of the house,i guess its good and cheap if you plan to make it fast and not worried about storing it in the fridge,,the sweetener method allows you to store outside as the yeast will only consume the small amount of sugar you add for carbonation instead of the whole thing turning int a real beer bomb but its more expensive to buy sweetener,,also i like to be able to let the sediments settle to be disgorged later ,i suppose i can still do that using your method only id have to store it longer in the fridge and wait for it to clear up and make sure its kept upside down

  11. i made a few batches of sodas,a lemon lime with ginger and mint was one and the other was simply ginger and brown sugar and reg sugar just to get the color right,,,my lemon lime one uses non fermentable sugar to taste and this way i can bottle prime with right amount of dextrose and not worry about bombs i also used wine or beer yeast so these will take a couple of weeks or so ,the ginger i used a beer yeast that i already been culturing and i noticed it only takes one day for a good carbonation,,,i let my first one go for two days and it fizzed all over the kitchen when i opened it and nothing was left in the bottle except an ounce just enough to taste lol but it tasted flat maybe because all the fizz went out so fast or maybe it was not enough to taste the fizz so this time i will only leave it a day ,i am using flip top glass bottles and want to keep them upside down in the fridge so all the sediments will collect in the neck and clear up,i like a clear soda and then i burst flash them in the sink to disgorge the sediments and close them up fast ,its a bit messy but it gives my beers a nice clear finish more than usual,,i never seen anyone using this process to get rid of the sediment problem

  12. I can't wait to try this, it looks delicious! quick question, how long can it be kept once refrigerated? and do you have to keep burping once it's refrigerated? Thanks Paul!

  13. I'm so gonna do this , thanks 🙂 ……are there variations to make different flavored sodas

  14. Amanda Guimarães

    Great video! Thanks

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