How to make easy ginger beer from fresh ginger

How to make easy ginger beer from fresh ginger

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This is an easy way to make home made ginger beer.
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  1. Cool video, actually very similar to mine and we are both Australian lol. We should collaborate :)

  2. can the sugar be substituted for honey?

  3. can i grow ginger in canada where we have -35 degrees celcius in winter? like, does it grows back in spring?

  4. do you know what it tastes like with just normal water

  5. Thanks

  6. I add yeast and become hard ginger cider cheers

  7. Aimal Abdul Rahim

    That was great. Thanks! I'm gonna try it 

  8. Feramuz Alaçal

    what happens if we add 1 tea spoon baking yeast in the mixture?

  9. Hi. Does it needs any rest before use?

  10. Konstantin Kokkorakis

    I tried this and its yummy 
    it is so so nice mixed with my own distilled water which i then put into my soda stream machine lovely  fizzy ice cold deliciousness 

    ps i love the music that you used in this video 
    what was it ?

  11. i made this took all day tasted like absolute crap

  12. I'm also learning haha.. the first batch I did was based off of Seattle Seadlings instructions, she said that it didn't need yeast or anything like people do with beer or old rootbeer kits.. It had a ton of carbonation but that was a whole batch in a 1 gallon glass bottle opening and closing it to take test drinks from.

    I did the same recipe but with different sugar in seperate twist top glass bottles and I got ZERO carbonation.. I'm really still learning so I'm not gonna answer that lol. GL

  13. Self Sufficient Me

    Yeah it's non-alcoholic… I hope LOL, I guess it would need to ferment in some way (like wine) to become alcohol but I'm not too familiar with the process sorry. Be interested to find out myself now… Cheers 🙂

  14. donguillermorivera

    this is a non-alcoholic ginger beer right? what would have to do if i want i to be around 1 to 2% alcohol. Thanks! Great video

  15. donguillermorivera

    self carbonate? quick questions: should a plastic bottle do the job? should i close the bottle for the entire 2 weeks? thanks!

  16. I tried it out and think it's great.
    I don't have a food processor, so I put some washed ginger and water in a blender to make a puree. Then in the pot.
    It turned out great! Thanks

  17. Self Sufficient Me

    nice one – it's a great food all round IMO.

  18. If you leave the ginger in a bottle for anywhere from 2-4 weeks it will self carbonate, learned that from seattle seadlings channel


    I kilogram of sugar for every one liter? Isnt too much?

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