How to make craft brewed root beer from scratch. No Extracts!

How to make craft brewed root beer from scratch. No Extracts!

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This video shows how to make rootbeer from scratch using natural ingredients. Without the use of extracts. NO EXTRACTS!

You can find your ingredients online and in most home-brew shops.
I usually get the stuff I can’t pick myself at the following stores:

You can carbonate with yeast or force carbonation with CO2 at 30 psi. Yeast carbonation taste better and it is how carbonation was originally done before the mass production of soda pop.

Root Beer Rag Performed by Owen:


  1. theShakin longhairedPoodle

    Do the ingredients have to be added in the order shown in the video? 

  2. The Inborn Son

    I can't wait to get the needed ingredients to make this! It looks awesome!

  3. Spencer Andres

    Have you ever had bottles explode?

  4. legofanguyvid

    Will it stay dormant in the fridge

  5. but be careful with this technique because one little pack of yeast, is strong enough to ferment 5 gallons of beer, and after you take the beer off the yeast, it is still strong enough to carbonate that beer. So id only recommend this if you have your amount of yeast down to a science…

  6. little tip from the home brew beer world, when i prime or carbonate my bottles i put all my sugar in a couple cups of water and dump it in the whole batch so you know its equal through out the whole batch, so if i was you i would put my yeast in a couple cups of water before you start brewing so it gets re hydrated, and leave it in the water till you was done brewing, and your brew is cooled off, and i would dump the re hydrated yeast in your whole batch so your carbonation is all the same.  If you put a little sugar in your yeast starter then they are not just re hydrated the yeast is already eating, and you'll get carbonation faster….  Just because it isn't beer doesn't make it not interesting…

  7. +DybrnSoda what brew shop do you go to mine doesnt have most of the stuff and i domt wanna wait for shipping

  8. This might be stupid question but does this have alcohol in it?

  9. Hi. I used Red Star Yeast. It is more fine than yours. How much will do? A pinch per bottle?

  10. Kind of a dumb question… Can I halve the recipe? I've only got 24, 12oz bottles and this makes well over that amount…

  11. Any alternatives to sassafras?

  12. So I tried this.. followed the instructions to the letter with the exact same ingredients.. except I used the brown sugar you said we could in exchange of the white and I used a dark honey.  I tasted it before bottling and it just didn't taste a lot like the root beer I'm use to.  We went over and over the ingredients.. the time.. and we can taste the honey quite a bit.  The color is great, the texture is great.. I used slightly bigger bottles so put in a bit more yeast (champagne yeast from the brew shop.. hope it tastes more like root beer as it sets up. Still a great flavor and will def drink it.. but was looking for more of the Draft or A&W flavor and thickness.  Suggestions?

  13. forrest lasell


  14. margaux Phillippi

    Two questions.

    1. Can this be done in bigger bottles like 32 oz fliptops which is what I have?

    2. Can the yeast be put into the pot(at proper pitching temp of course) instead of into the individual bottles?

  15. how many bottles (size) does this generally make. Because you boiled the water and then added water just wondering how many bottles I need to buy. Thanks! Can't wait to try. I love root beer. When your not making it. What brand do you like the best?

  16. A Pile Of Bacon

    or go to the store & buy a bottle of diet root beer for $1 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Shawn Sunshine Strickland (Strickalator)

    Doesn't the yeast cause the ingredients to ferment? Or is seven grains not enough to turn it into alcohol. This recipe looks amazing though. I dOubt a&w tastes as good add yours. 

  18. More Tussin, Mo Tussin. Pour Tussin on it. Let that Tussin soak in.

  19. Neil Yaremchuk

    That's about $20 bucks just for the honey.

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