How to make A&W Root Beer Float Simple..Foodie..Fun..TV…

How to make A&W Root Beer Float Simple..Foodie..Fun..TV…

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How to make A&W Root Beer Float Simple..Foodie..Fun..TV...

This is the very first episode of Simple..Foodie..Fun..TV! Watch right now as I demonstrate how to make a fabulous A&W Root Beer Float. I think It came out really great…Here is the Recipe: Frosty Cold Mug, Friendly’s Vanilla Ice Cream, A&W Root Beer and some really cool paper straws…Just pour in the root beer and plop in the Vanilla Ice Cream…and top it off with a straw…

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Are you a foodie? Do you love to cook? Do you love to learn how to make simple things but they taste great? Most of all do you love to laugh and have fun? Below is a list of some of the Epic things you will see on my new show called?

I am not an expert on food, cooking or anything that has to do with an oven but I can make things that are banging! Do you like Cereal? Wait that seems so simple…ok what about eggs, Golden Brown waffles, Good old fashion Pancakes, Thick French toast, Fruit, Veggie omelets, sandwiches, salads, milk shakes, ice cream soda’s, ice cream floats, dinner, turkey, lasagna, meatballs, rice, beans, vegetables….wait I left out the best for last…….and we are going all around the WORLD!!!

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  1. Cool

  2. I just had one! Using my official A&W mug I got on ebay. And I don't think there's a better vanilla Ice cream than Friendly's Rich and Creamy Vanilla! Although you used French Vanilla :-}

  3. Woodridge Supportive Living

    Today at 3:00pm we are enjoying #RootBeer floats!

    Watch this video to learn how to make a fabulous A&W Root Beer Float of your very own!


  4. Orange soda and rainbow sherbet ice cream…… Your welcome!…… 

  5. Gabriela Simoes



  6. Whats that song called?? Feel like i should play it while making stuff

  7. Today is my first time trying one hope it's good..

  8. wow i did it wrong last time i put icecreame first befor rootbeer

  9. Will this work with dr pepper

  10. AW root beer

  11. Simple 3 Steps, done.

  12. MusicUNIversal420

    looks amazing!! Great Job


    Root beer is like 12000 times better with ice cream

  14. I find root beer to taste awful and I don't see how it would taste any better with ice cream.

  15. Hey Josh,
    They a red and white paper straws. I got them on amazon. If you go on my website it takes you to amazon and you can get it there.

  16. Where do you find straws like that? This was good!

  17. Thanks Marie…Epic TV coming soon…To You Tube…

  18. marielachavez50

    Love it your videos rock

  19. Lots more fun coming up real soon..

  20. Freesamplethief..nice to see you..

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