How to make Alcoholic Ginger Beer

How to make Alcoholic Ginger Beer

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How to make alcoholic Ginger Beer – the master Ginger Beer Recipe! My apologies for the 17 minute video, BUT, it properly covers everything you need to know to make and enjoy great ginger beer…
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  1. Tgjj

  2. Carla Thompson

    Instead of adding yeast, I did a 2nd fermentation from ginger bug.  I'm going to try bottling it with your method (adding sugar).  I just don;t know if I should wait for the 2nd fermentation to stop before bottling (usually bottle after 48hrs…while still bubbly). Any thoughts?

  3. justintime_615

    I followed this and came out with an alcohol content of 4%. I removed it from the fridge and am hoping the yeast will kick it up a notch…thoughts?

  4. what about putting the ginger beer in to glass bottles instead of putting it in plastic bottles ?

  5. I think the dude (and camera man) jas had a few too many ginger ales lol funny but not educational

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for the video.  Okay, I am brewing my first batch, and it has been fermenting for 9 days, and it is still bubbling alot.  Not sure what to do.  Do I wait until it has stopped bubbling, or do I go ahead and strain, bottle and add suger?  I would think with the amount of bubbling going on, that could lead to a nice messy explosion if I do that, but not sure.

  7. Cream of tartar is available in Thailand, as are rubber bungs from chemical supply shops. The bubbler came from ebay. The shelf life once made is a few weeks. I prefer to drink within 2 to 3 weeks, and more often within a few days or a week – shared with friends of course!

  8. What is the shelf life of the beer after being bottled? 

  9. Peter Thompson

    Great video mate, did you buy your bubbler and cream of tartar in Thailand ? If so where ?

  10. Toma22a – no not really anything like wine. It has no grapes, is ready to drink in a week (wine takes many months), and it is carbonated. It is also only half of the strength of wine. It is Ginger Beer.

  11. I'm no expert but isn't it more like wine?

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