How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 – 8%)

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How to make a Strong(er) Ginger Beer (7 - 8%)

How to make a strong ginger beer with fresh root ginger and dry malt extract.
This time the ginger level is perfect for what I’m after; enough to give a comforting, warming sensation rather than a burn, but definitely there as a flavour rather than just a hint. Also, this time, the carbonation in the bottle is bang on the money. I used Coopers carbonation drops for ease, but there is no reason not to use house hold sugar.
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  1. Torgeir Engelund

    Ta en titt på denne videoen på YouTube:

  2. Attempting an all grain based ginger beer

  3. damn i thought this was a five gallon recipe. i added extra ginger at the end of my boil and extra brown sugar and white sugar. used amber dme. my beer tastes watery even though the  og was 1.072 the fg is 1.018 but it tastes watery and non sweetish.  what should i backsweeten with to make thw ginger pop a little more or make the f'avors richer. i was thinking of adding a stick of cinnamon and  a clove, and dry hopping it. i still have it in secondary because i think a little age may help it.

  4. Mate, I live in Northern Australia and the average temp in my house this time of year through the day while im at work is about 29 – 33C unless I have the air conditioning on. Will this affect the processes pre and post bottling? I am very keen to have a crack at your recipe!  I want to have it ready for the heat of a summer christmas! Thanks

  5. Per Lundström

    I got bitten by the brew bug now… I think I have 500 g of amber and 500g of dark DME somewhere, with some muscovado sugar and a bit of lemon it should be a nice warming drink for the christmas holidays. I made a non alcoholic ginger beer with Cooper's ginger extract half a year ago and it was great, but this looks way more fun.

  6. I use inverted sugar for carbonation. I let the bottles carbonate for a day or five in a warm place. By my experience the ginger taste goes more to the background as the beer matures.  

  7. You should not heat up the honey that much because it destroys most of the flavors although this might not be that important because with so much ginger you wouldn't notice the difference.

  8. Thanks, got a batch stewing away quite nicely now 🙂 

  9. Can I ferment in demijohns? And if so when do I move my must from the bucket. I don't know whether the ginger will be strong enough if I remove the chunks! :)

  10. What kind of yeast do you use? I've heard "all purpose" yeast works, but isn't champagne yeast the best for this? I could go for a frosted pint of this any day.

  11. barry johnstone

    great video and i followed recipe but i found the fg to be 1.011 which gave me a alcohol content of 5.2%. which im happy with

  12. I did a batch similar to yours, but I used fresh lime juice.
    The result was a sour, yet drinkable, brew.
    I added the lime juice hoping to ease the yeast's ability to break up the the sugar molecules. I'll add the lime to the glass in the future.
    Honey is easier for yeast to convert to alcohol as it's primarily a monosaccharide (dextrose & fructose). Brown sugar is a disaccharide, so the yeast has to separate the molecules before fermentation. Try orange blossom honey next batch.

  13. Could you use a blender to whizz up the ginger root ?….sorry if this has already been asked. Cheers

  14. Cheers. I went ahead and made my ginger beer a couple of days ago. Ended up using approx 350gms of ginger root. I chopped and bashed it like you did. Ill let you know how it comes out. I hope you continue making videos as you do such a great job. Thanks

  15. You could add hops if you wanted, it was just my personal taste, the traditional ginger beers I made with my Dad when I was a nipper were just ginger and sugar. I used about 10 oz ginger, either use about double that for 8.5l or grate the ginger for more efficient extraction of heat and flavour.

  16. Great looking ginger beer. Im going to follow your process. Just so im clear you didnt add hops because the ginger adds the bitterness? Also what weight of ginger root did you use? Im looking at doing a 8.5 litre batch. Cheers

  17. I notice you don't have an air-lock on your FV. Did you seal the lid, or leave it a jar?
    I am tempted to try this but for 5lt so i can use a large water bottle as a FV, so i am wondering if i need to buy a new bung and air-lock.

  18. Thanks for the reply. Hoping to get as good a result as yours, albeit I've gone for a slightly different recipe by substituting the honey with demerara and adding lime, lemon, and teaspoons of cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and ground ginger, plus M27 (Belgian Ale) yeast. Starting SG was 1.075 (yikes !) – hand slipped with the sugar. 🙂 Bubbling away nicely this morning. Incidentally, have you ever used Grolsch-type bottles ?

  19. The filtering is not fine enough to remove the microscopic yeast cells from the beer, so there is sufficient yeast suspended in the beer to re-ferment in the bottle to condition it with CO2. Once fermented out in the bottle, the yeast and other particles sediment out, forming a very thin layer on the bottom of the bottle. This stayed pretty much undisturbed on pouring.

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