How to make a Strong Ginger Beer (~7.2%abv)

How to make a Strong Ginger Beer (~7.2%abv)

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How to make a strong ginger beer. Made with root ginger, dry malt extract, water and yeast. Brewing ingredients available from:


  1. Do you prefer champagne yeast over ale yeast? Did it make a difference in taste?

  2. Please which time you used yeast??????

  3. Why didn't you use an air lock but rather left the lid loosely open?

  4. Will using a ginger bug work with this? Or will that not produce enough alcohol? I need some help. I have a live ginger bug waiting to be used.

  5. Did you take an OG reading. It is important to make an OG reading and take a reading later to see if it drops.. if it drops you are making alc. if it is not dropping, re-pitch yeast, but make a yeast starter. and let it sit for 1 day before pitching

  6. I feel a bit sheepish… But for some reason the whole frothy bit completed one night.. So the coopers yeast has done its thing. Thanks for your help. Beginners error

  7. I assume you are sure that the yeast hasn't go going, for example: no bubbles through a bubble trap / no head thrown up. What yeast did you use and was it in date / stored correctly? You could try pitching-in another yeast.

  8. Hi I've tried to make this ginger beer but its day two and the yeast has not started working. Does this mean I have throw it away.. I used 1200g of wheat extract plus 330g honey and 330g ginger. 9 litres of water. Temp was 26c plus 1056fg

  9. To make double quantity and half the alcohol? Yes, add more ginger. I would make sure the malt is dark malt if making it half strength, but that's down to personal taste.

  10. Sorry if I caused confusion by replying under a different user name – I was on holiday and logged on from my phone. Typo: "Restore the lost oxygen". The same mechanism can explain the damage caused by clean, but warm water from industry going into rivers: an increase in river temperature reduces the oxygen in the river and damage the ecosystem.

  11. @saabcrow Solubility of a gas, ie oxygen, in water or wort, is affected by temperature. Boiling will reduce the solubillity of oxygen in the wort, removing quite a bit and aerating once cool is meant to resore the lost oxygen.

  12. I'm curious about the aeration process; don't get me wrong I've done the same myself but I now think it's pointless because I don't believe it adds more oxygen to the wort/must that is already dissolved in the water. Thoughts?

  13. ah I see , thanks for the reply gonna give this a go i think , looks easy enough. How do you sanitise all your gear mate?

  14. You may miss it, due to the edit, but after the first 500g bag was emptied into the pan, a second one went in. I just didn't show the second bag up close to the camera.

  15. you say you add 1kg of malt …..the bag says 500g ? thats 1/2 a kilo??

  16. You may want to confirm that it's non alcoholic, but at around 7% alcohol by volume, you'd be hard pushed to do so. If Enid Blyton's Famous Five had lashings of this ginger beer, the books would be very different indeed. "Five go to rehab" has a certain ring to it.

  17. miserablerottensmurf

    Great video. I'm not all clear about the recipe but nevermind I just started my first batch of ginger Meade inspired by this video. If it turns out good I might make a video of my own,

    Do you have any idea about ginger beer plant?

  18. How ever you wish to drink it. I've had it room temperature and ice cold.

  19. Yeah BT, here in the States, much of the tap water is processed with chlorine, aluminum-flouride and God knows what else. We even have to be careful with well water! I'm looking forward to trying your recipe. Yesterday eve, I made ordinary "ginger beer"….next, 7.2!!!!

  20. @LucifersLapdog Thanks for the comment. I guess it depends on your local water supply and you're not alone with that viewpoint, plenty of British Brewers would rather not use unfiltered tap water; Even though it's drinking quality, many hold the view that some elements need removing for a better quality brew. Distilled water has such a flat flavour, I certainly would have to add some minerals (all readily available from Home Brew shops) before using.

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