How to make a Bartenders Ginger Ale

How to make a Bartenders Ginger Ale

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Hi, my name is Jason & I’m the dork making these awkward videos about how to become & succeed as a working bartender. I’ve personally been bartending for more than 15 years now & my goal with this channel is to give you transparency about everything I know. I want to help guide you to figure out what you need, or don’t need, all while having some fun along the way. Save the 0+ bartending school tuition, everything you need is right here to become a bartending pro.


BARTENDINGBLUEPRINT WEBSITE: (private members only area for more in-depth learning on finding a job, a facelift for the site is currently in the works, but it is still active and is still the best information out there.)




DIRECT EMAIL: jason (at) bartendingblueprint (dot) com


Twinge of sarcasm here ;)…I would love to make new videos for you every day. To see that happen please help support this channel with a few bucks in the tip jar via the channel donation button on the home page. I humbly thank you for any and all support! 🙂

Have products, tools or gadgets that you’d like to see used in video’s? Send me an email with your idea and we can try to make it happen.


-Jason aka, BartendingPro
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  1. I mix sprite and coke hahaha, thanks for your videos!

  2. Fairly common. Yes s&s is sour mix. And bitters is an aperitif ingredient 🙂

  3. Paper Planes Life

    hm, ginger ale isn't really that popular of a drink though, is it? What's S&S is that the same as sour mix? What's Bitters?

  4. That can happen, I work in an area that brings in the hoity-toities haha! Thats why I'm not a big proponent of high end places…you want volume, basic bars with high volume.

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