How to make a Bartenders Ginger Ale

How to make a Bartenders Ginger Ale

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Hi, my name is Jason & I’m the dork making these awkward videos about how to become & succeed as a working bartender. I’ve personally been bartending for more than 15 years now & my goal with this channel is to give you transparency about everything I know. I want to help guide you to figure out what you need, or don’t need, all while having some fun along the way. Save the 0+ bartending school tuition, everything you need is right here to become a bartending pro.


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Twinge of sarcasm here ;)…I would love to make new videos for you every day. To see that happen please help support this channel with a few bucks in the tip jar via the channel donation button on the home page. I humbly thank you for any and all support! 🙂

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-Jason aka, BartendingPro
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  1. I mix sprite and coke hahaha, thanks for your videos!

  2. Fairly common. Yes s&s is sour mix. And bitters is an aperitif ingredient 🙂

  3. Paper Planes Life

    hm, ginger ale isn't really that popular of a drink though, is it? What's S&S is that the same as sour mix? What's Bitters?

  4. That can happen, I work in an area that brings in the hoity-toities haha! Thats why I'm not a big proponent of high end places…you want volume, basic bars with high volume.

  5. I feel ya. I guess part of it was probably from working at a country club where most of the members were huge assholes haha.

  6. Naw man…disclose it! I tell them straight up BEFORE I make if we don't have it, and that I can pour them a "bartenders" ginger ale if they like. 99% of the time, no big deal 🙂

  7. It felt like such a crime every time I did this in the bar. Some people know and were cool with it, but some people would be like wtf did you just do to my drink? I usually tried to keep some serious eye contact or distract them from watching the glass.

  8. Gosling's Ginger Beer in a resealable bottle, interesting.

  9. The bar you see in most of my videos was built in my last house specifically to shoot these. However, I've long since left that location so am shooting many of these from my actual work. This is filmed in the service well during a slow day shift where I work.

  10. JimmyWillRustle

    Haha many thanks :p Also might i ask why you have moved out of the bar and into a room of some sort?

  11. And I'm glad you're getting value out of the channel!!

  12. Honestly, that would fall under either good (dirty) jokes, or flair bartending. The jokes I know I can't share here 😉 and flair…I don't do. Have a search, you'll find plenty of good stuff.

  13. JimmyWillRustle

    hey, I have been watching a heap of your videos 😀 I even subscribed! but I was wondering if you knew any tricks that you could show just regular people to impress their friends? I do realise this is a bar-tending channel not a impress your friends with these channel. but any tips would be awesome 🙂

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